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What We Want In Resident Evil 6

Over the last fifteen years the Resident Evil series has changed from being about barely scraping by with a few pistol rounds during a zombie outbreak to taking out titanic leviathan monsters with satellite lasers. While this evolution has been met with lucrative sales, diehard fans like me are wondering how far this franchise can stray from the original formula before it becomes ludicrous. For example: If Chris Redfield starts arm-wrestling giant zombie Martians on an exploding space station, it will have jumped the shark.

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Community3025d ago
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Dramscus3026d ago

Great article. Just great. I too am sick of the new RE

Quagmire3025d ago

Must include updated/trophy integrated Resident Evil 4 with PSMove support ala Dead Space 2 + Extraction.

Brewski0073025d ago

walk and shoot is fine, But need alot more. Need the atmosphere back, the music to change suddenly when getting attacked, the lack of ammo and a new improvisation mechanic where one can search for ANYTHING to try protect themselves from psycho zombies. That would do it for me...

AND....NO MORE FUCKING SUN!!! Really didnt like that in RE5.

osamaq3025d ago

Resident evil days are gone

El-Fenemeno12133025d ago


I agree fully, C'mon I was playing dead space. I was like "I could WALK and Hold a gun =O"

evrfighter3025d ago

i would like resident evil in resident evil 6 please

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GWAVE3025d ago

What I want in RE6: something that can actually compete with Dead Space 2. Heck, something that can compete with Dead Space.

Dead Space spoiled me. I played RE5 and just laughed.

deadreckoning6663025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

RE5 wasn't marketed as a horror game.

But I agree with scofios. I want ink ribbons and limited ammo for the next RE. They not only added strategy and challenge, but made the game really scary since you always had to wonder if you had enough supplies to advance.

Galaxia3025d ago

^ "Fear you can't Forget" Yes it was.

I hated RE5, it was the worst RE game.

If RE6 doesn't go back to its roots, have limited ammo, zombies, dark hallways, typewritters, and, maybe even a return to those old camera angles (Imagine RE with a GOW like camera, it would be close enough to the originals but a lot better), I'm just gonna stop buying RE games.

Natsu X FairyTail3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I dont understand why people are hating on the 3rd Person Angle used in RE4 and 5. That was the greatest thing to ever happen to the series. That's how they won Game of the year a few years back on the Gamecube with RE4 which was one of the best game I played in my life and still is one of my favorite games as we speak.

The classic mechanics werent as good as you die hard fans think. Die hard fans all ways think that old school mechanics are better because they are Die hard fans lol.I've been playing RE since psone aswell and the new mechanics is the best thing that happened to the series IMO. What needs to be done though , is putting less Emphasis on the action , Unlike what they did in Resident evil 5 , and More Horror and Survival thriller elements exactly how they did in Silent Hill homecoming and Alan Wake or even DeadSpace.

It would be stupid to ask for zombies to return because the Story as Evolved in a way that those new types of undeads have grown stronger,smarter,faster with the use of Las plages etc etc.

New characters would be a great addition without a doubt. TypeWritters? who really cares about that that'S a really small element.

The way I see it. They just need to put more horror less action and the game will be on the right Path. Remembering Re4 There was alot of Scary moments where I jumped from my Seat and Had to gather myself up to start playing again. I cant recall jumping at all when I played Resident evil 5.

NecrumSlavery3025d ago

I love the still frame backdrops if classic RE games. Just HD obviously. Give me that! I don't like RE with camera control. I miss games that have those gorgeous set pieces. Wish more games had those. GOW has fixed camera setpieces, but it's not really used much since the days of PS1 & N64 And of course more fluid animations.

bakasora3025d ago

RE4 is the best RE, expand RE4 with RE6!
One thing they screw up because they were thinking too much about the multi player element, resulting a very weak single player experience.
multiplayer is overrated.

Galaxia3025d ago

RE4 was the first RE game I played. I went back and played the others afterwards and fell in love with all the gorgeous backdrops and ended up liking some of the older ones even better than RE4.

I don't understand why gamers hate the old camera so much. It was awesome, the graphics were amazingly cool and the backdrops were always interesting and made the game so atmospheric and scary.

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sikbeta3025d ago

"What We Want In Resident Evil 6"

Everything that was Promised with RE5...

BABY-JEDI3025d ago

Please provide characters that are realistic & vulnerable. Limited ammo. Better animations all round. More variable looking enemies (fed up killing the same character 50 times). Better enemy AI. Finally, walk & gun.

muDD3025d ago

To be able to run and shoot and/or run and reload at the same time... this stopping to reload or shoot is some dumb ash shyt! they need to fix that...

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scofios3026d ago

I want It to be.
1 scary again
2 zombie's
3 scary enemies  
4 puzzels
5 bring back the save room
6 night setting because who the [email protected] get scared during daytime
7 it to be 60%survival horror and 40%action.

King_many_layers3025d ago

in reply to point 7. Hopefully though, it would be the same sort of pacing as Uncharted's in terms of the action to platforming ratio...

I'd hate it if the did it so you had all the survival horor only to suddenly have the last 40% as action.
Also I'd just like to say that it's not what I think you're saying, I'm just elaborating my taste further.

s8anicslayer3026d ago

I too didn't like Re5, Capcom needs to bring it back old school and get that Day of the Dead feel back....

BABY-JEDI3025d ago

Bring back the feeling of society on the brink of collapse. People fleeing from the zombie hoards, also the possibility of saving civilians & also the horror & feeling that you are fighting a losing battle. Horror & chaos oh & puzzles

cobraagent3026d ago

And Capcom please don't ruin the story again for the "happy" ending

kyiren3026d ago

anything Resident Evil is great i like all the games. i just seen the new trailer at Predators and i like the fact there haveing so much RE5 stuff in the movie.

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