USA Today: 'Crackdown 2' a disappointing second effort

What works in 2007 isn't necessarily successful in 2010.

While Crackdown served as a breath of fresh air in the realm of open-world action titles, Ruffian Games' Crackdown 2 feels tedious, proving its failure to grow and inability to learn from its mistakes.

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pixelsword3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Phooey on reviews; not everyone likes the same thing, a review isn't a representation of a truth, but an opinion.

If I listened to reviewers when Lair was reviewed, I would have missed out on one of the best games this gen. All because most of the reviewers weren't savvy enough to use the controls doesn't mean everyone's IQ is pedestrian to the point that their reviews were translatable to the majority of readers.

I say rent the game if you have doubts, or if you can't, worst come to worst you return it and get another game or store credit.

People need to start thinking for themselves and not take another person's word as law; Lord knows how money and favors swings a score one way or another.

R_aVe_N3075d ago

Well said pixel I could not agree with you more on this. Lair was a really good game. Bubbles to you my friend.

pixelsword3075d ago

And Bubbles back to you. (Just happened to be on right now lol)

callahan093075d ago

Bubbles to you for that comment, Pixelsword. Very well done, and I agree 100%.

That said, I did try Crackdown 2 (and I was a fan of the original), and I must say that in my opinion Crackdown 2 is absolute crap.

Karum3075d ago

Still undecided on this game. I'll grab the demo and have a go. Even then I might still wait for it to drop in price before picking it up.

I spent a few quid on that Steam sale so I've got other games to get through atm anyway lol.

hi23075d ago

that bad?i just bought it seeing all the 7's and 7.5's and now i dunno whether to open it or return it?i never played crackdown 1 though

iPirates3075d ago

If you've never played Crackdown 1, then bust out Crackdown 2 and play it. Because they're basically the same game, graphics and all (according to reviewers).

Crackdown 1 was well received. This isn't, because there are no improvements.

MariaHelFutura3075d ago

Return it and buy Crackdown1, if you haven`t played it yet. You can get CD1 for like 9.99 or something like that. Use the rest of the $$$ to buy another game and wait for CD2 to drop in price, which it will. Then buy CD2, if you like 1.

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