Will Call of Duty MMO Trigger Cross-Platform Activision Network?

Jon Ireson, Contributing Editor of DualShockers writes, "Before you get all up in arms telling me this will never happen, I realize your point. This is not entirely Activision’s decision. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, and any other game device manufacturer for that matter, would likely have to be sat down and convinced that this was a good deal for them and shown why it makes sense for them to allow this type of cross-platform gaming to exist. Let’s take a trip into such a meeting and see how that might play out, shall we?"

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PSfan093113d ago

they will. why because they will charge lots of money for it.

and I'll be the one million gamer saying this
suck it kotick

Hitman07693113d ago

I for one will pick this up and enjoy it.

evrfighter3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

What's funny is I'd consider it if it meant i could blow off steam making console kids cry on my pc

Only if it's a proper mmo though. Which I would doubt

booni33113d ago

well theres one thing thats for sure: activision knows shooters and they know MMOs pretty well too. Something like this honestly wouldnt be very surprising. If any publisher could pull it off, it would be them. or EA.

JoelT3113d ago

This and it has yet to be successful. Huxley anyone? The next one up will be SOE's The Agency, and even after I played some of it at E3, I'm still weary about the outcome. I'm not in the mood to pay subscription fees to anyone, let alone just for one title.

Chadness3113d ago

One of these days something will happen and some developer will hit the jackpot, kind of like World of Warcraft. It just hasn't happened yet in the FPS space.

Hitman07693113d ago

If anything can do it though, Call of Duty can. Am I right here? They are like the Mario of FPS at this point. Unless you are a fanboy then it is Halo/Killzone (which are good games but no Mario).

T9X693113d ago

I'll take Killzone over COD any day of the week. Killzone is my Mario, COD is for little vaginas.

SilverSlug3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

ON PS2 doesn't count?

or Phantasy Star Universe on PS2/PC and Phantasy Star Online on DC/PC...

The only people closed are Microsoft. I heard that Monster Hunter MMO lets you play with PC users. Not 100 on that one.

Spenok3112d ago

FFXI had cross platform gameplay on PS2, X360 AND PC. Just so you know. SE said they didnt do the same thing around becuase they have only reciently become closed as a network.

BeOneWithTheGun3113d ago

I busted out for PLUS but that is because I play a lot of PSN games and usually buy downloads so for me, it was justified. Paying Activision money to just be able to PLAY COD online? Pass.

Simply too many great games coming out to even consider this and there is the principal of the matter that Activision is getting out of control lately.

thevokillist3112d ago

I a in complete agreement here. Paying for subscription for one title...weak

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SilverSlug3113d ago

If you can play with PS3 users? Why would most people get it on 360? Doubt you can use cross game chat.

Fireseed3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

No its more of Sony's worst nightmare I mean it takes them years to add a feature as simple as cross game chat. Cross platform play is already working on Xbox with PC users, and it already has a few MMOs. Both consoles could simply connect to a single linux based server.
And I'd get it on 360 cause I already have it for Halo and Gears.

VictoriousOne3113d ago

I really hope all current and future Call of Doody games fail miserably and die. They're seriously damaging the gaming industry...

3113d ago
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