Pushing All-In-One performance with the liquid-cooled Asetek prototype reports:

Thermal management innovator Asetek has created a 24 inch liquid-cooled all-in-one computer powered by a high-end Intel Core processor, with graphics support from NVIDIA. The near-silent operation AIO prototype offers all the performance benefits of the best performing desktop systems in a space-saving 2.28 inch thick form factor.

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commodore643113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

I wonder if it might be cost effective to include this type of cooling system in next gen consoles.
Certainly would cut down on fan noise and form factor, while not compromising the performance.

Laptops too.

Just hope the manufacturers look into it.

El_Colombiano3112d ago

Liquid cooling in a home console? I honestly can not imagine that. It's too risky I think.

hoops3112d ago

I agree. You can imagine what would happen.

El_Colombiano3112d ago

Wow. This is actually quite a feat they have accomplished here. A 135 watt i7 and a 75 watt GTX 280 in such a low profile AIO. My nerdy side is drooling.