IGN: ModNation Racers: The Coolest Comics Content

Believe it or not, San Diego Comic-Con is just two weeks away. In 14 days, you'll be knee-deep in panels, books, stars and news about everything nerds like us love and hold dear. Over the years, videogames have become a bigger and bigger part of the show, and now, they're pretty much as important as anything else at Comic-Con.

What better way to celebrate the coming debauchery than by taking a look at the best comic creations in ModNation Racers.

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Shang-Long3075d ago

wish i had this Game.
theses ppl are pretty good

RosoTron363075d ago

Worth it. Some of the challenges in career mode is ridiculously difficult though, and I love it!
The community's talent is really starting to shine.