3D Pac-Man Television Series Planned

In 1982, a Hanna-Barbera produced Pac-Man cartoon was introduced that attempted to pull in viewers stricken with Pac-Man fever. Although that disease has been in remission for nearly three decades now, it seems as though there is the potential for another outbreak in the near future.

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Shadow Flare3026d ago

Wow, that is reeeally stretching it man. Talk about a lack of ideas. Geez. I can't wait for the episode where pacman comes home to find miss pacman having an affair with one of the ghosts. Whats he gonna do, eat a pill and chase him around the house? I suppose this series is going to look into pacmans drug problem is it? I can imagine there'll be a final episode with pacman on a hospital bed, coming down from all the pills he's eaten, all the ghosts weeping around him, and then suddenly the heart machine flat lines and he dies, to the sound of 'waa waa waa waa...waak waak!'

That said, I doubt they'll be trying to make this like CSI: Miami