Toys R Us sells new Xbox 360 250GB Slim bundle

Toys R Us Inc. this week began sale of a new bundle that includes Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 250GB Slim SKU at its online division.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Its far from slim.

You know, it looks kinda nice and i was thinking of buying 1, seriously...there not so expensive.

But then i thought...what am i actually going to use it for?

What games am i going to buy for it?

Other than multiplats which i have on PS3, what exclusives do i really really want to play on Xbox 360?

I mean games that will be keep me coming back.

Not just single player games, but multiplayer, i wanna play everything on the 360.

I mean i hear Xbox 360 owners saying what great games they have on thier system, can someone please remind me, im not being a fanboy, i really want to know so if i do pick up a Xbox 360 i can pick up some good games aswell.

Ahhh im really excited for this, it looks sooo niceeee and shiny. wooo!!

Actually sorry guys...

i just gave myself a good hard slap.
just remembered i dont buy crap.
Thanks for your time anyway.