PlayStation Move House Party and Kinect Macy's Preview to reach out to wider audiences and adoption

Remember those Wii house parties and events that were being done when Nintendo first introduced motion control gaming? Expect more of that soon, but this time with the upcoming PlayStation Move from Sony and Kinect from Microsoft. Both are counting on hands-on (or hands-free in Kinect's case) demos to spread the excitement and gameplay experience of each. PlayStation Move House Party reaches to enthusiast hosted demos, while Microsoft's Kinect targets retail shoppers.

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jneul3119d ago

What I want to know is why there is no houseparty for the uk, I would throw a massive party and invite all my friends and familly around, sony please make house party come for the uk, look up on google I have already started 2 official threads one on IGN and one on vgchartz, that is because the move has really impressed me!!