G4TV: The First 15 Minutes of Limbo

You're going to hear G4TV talking about Limbo a lot this summer, because it is a truly amazing game. Did they also mention beautiful? This is an amazing, beautifully desolate game. They heart it. Check out the first 15 minutes of gameplay and see why. Limbo hits XBLA on July 21.

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N4PS3G3025d ago

The guy playing sucks, he dies at least 10 times in the water puzzle

Ace Killa 083024d ago

why a disagree on this guy?!?! hes right, theres a morong behind this controller. im wondering why do journalist comment and write about games and they really suck in the end of all this.

3025d ago
Ace Killa 083024d ago

game looks interesting but this is one of those games you wont touch after you passed it... unless its for achievements