The Ideal Length Of A Role Playing Game Is…

Kotaku: 40 hours, Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii told Kotaku today. Why 40? Why not 30 or 50?

"It just sounds like the right number," Horii said through a translator in an interview with Kotaku at Nintendo's New York office today. "No particular reason."

Horii is the creator of the Dragon Quest role-playing game series, one of Japan's most massive video game success of the past 25 years. His games, including Dragon Quest IX, which launches in America this weekend, is another that will take many hours to complete.

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TheColbertinator3021d ago

I totally agree with that.A 40 hour RPG would be welcomed anytime.

SpoonyRedMage3021d ago

Eh, length can fluctuate for me, I agree for an epic RPG like Dragon Quest that 40 hours is optimal for the storyline(there's a lot more side stuff in DQIX) but I also somewhat agree with Akitoshi Kawazu that 10-15 hour RPGs are good for on the go play. Long enough to get a good story going but short enough that you won't lose your place.

I guess it depends what the aim of the game is.:D

Ps_alm3k3021d ago

the main story line has to be captivating.
Honestly, i play rpg on a one time run through and that is all.
I prefer the bang for my buck, then to beat it in 2 days and not play it again.
I played FF7 - FF9 for 300 plus hours.