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Singularity does come with some online multiplayer as well, but it is pretty bare bones. The two game modes they offer are creatures vs solders (standard death match) and Extermination (attack and defend). Each mode pegs one side as the creatures and the other as the humans. Again, pretty boilerplate stuff here. The human sides can choose between four different classes each having a unique TMD skill, you also get to choose your weapon and a perk. The creatures side can choose one of four creatures as well. Each creature has its own unique set of abilities. You also get to choose two perks. Although the online is a ton of fun especially playing as the creatures it is a real shame they couldn’t of added more. You should be able to get a few hours of fun, but this looks to fade out pretty quickly.

Although it does have its down sides, overall Singularity delivered a fun experience in a unique world.

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