G4TV: Talkabouts: Crackdown 2

Orb collecting can be a dangerous thing. So can zombies, but at least you don’t feel compelled to kill every last zombie in Crackdown 2. Or maybe you do. Either way, the fact that Patrick Klepek and X-Play’s Morgan Webb were able to pull themselves away from ravenous orb gathering for this episode of Talkabout is rather remarkable. Show how much you appreciate it by hitting play now.

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Unbiased13025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Morgan Webb omg so annoying

on video, ms defense force in action

Gamerbee3025d ago

if this was a PS3 would be so hated on....but because its an Xbox game its ok??? WTF!!

This is a horrible game, that is actually worst than the first game. It literally looks like a N64 game on the XboX 360, are you freaking kidding me Ruffian Games? How could Microsoft let this crap come out, in this day and age? Its nothing but a quick cash-in sequel, which doesn't even live up to the low standards of the first game!

DelbertGrady3025d ago

How long have you been here? If this was a PS3 exclusive people would be praising it to death saying the media is biased because it didn't get 10's across the board.

Now, because it's a 360 excusive, you won't find a review that isn't full of PS3 fanboys saying it's a flop or telling us it's not original enough.

I have it and it's just as much fun as the first one. It really shines i co-op.

Gamerbee3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Dude its coz of you Microsoft gets away with such shitty games. Coz people like you will defend them. Its a shame really.

Shines?? It doesnt shine for shit. I played it & it should be a PS1 classic on PSN for $2.


marioPSUC3025d ago

You are a huge Sony fanboy, just a day ago you posted the comment

Thats why we went PS3 & will never go back to MS.

but yet you have played the game even though you hate MS. Get a life, you should play games for enjoyment, don't go around bashing games just because you are a huge fanboy.

Biggest3025d ago

What I got from the video is:

So the game isn't any type of upgrade from the original Crackdown. It's still very ugly. There are many flaws with the game design. The single player mode is very boring and the missions are more than repetative. But you can collect orbs again. And the co-op mode is cool. This is a 4/5 game. But if you aren't into co-op don't buy it. But it is better than 80% of the games on the market. Even though by most normal accounts it sucks. . . This is totally a good game?

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N4GAddict3025d ago

ill pick up Crackdown 2 when it is cheap

boodybandit3025d ago

when you yourself said it's a very repetitive game, suffers serious design flaws and is best played co operative online because there isn't enough depth in the single player campaign?

All you do is hit a 3 sat locations to unlock a beacon drop, babysit the beacon drop from the freaks until it fires up and take over Cell strongholds? I played it for 2 days on and off and I am already bored. I am going to try some co op later today and hope it as fun as they claim. By the time, if I play it that long, I get the helicopter and flying suit I will probably have completed every mission in the game.

N4BmpS3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I would have to agree that a 4 out of 5 sounds high for this game but Morgan herself said that if Co op and lack of story isn't your thing it would be best to skip this game. It just so happens that she took a liking to this game and...yeah some reviewers gave this game a "B"? I think. Still think it should have gotten a lower score I was able to get a small feel for it and I seen all the flaws she spoke of.

Socomer 19793025d ago

Where's this kind of Defense for a Game Like MAG?
It's nothing but Co-Op Haaaa!

Seriously. You can put about 12 hours into crackdown 2 & be done with it forever. The game cost $60 dollars & a extra $10 bucks if you pay for live monthly or $50 bucks for 12 months. Yet MAG will take you hundreds of hours, the online is free & the new game mode cost $10 bucks for more playtime.

Speaking of subliminal Bias. I bought that new best buy Gamer Magazine & it turns out it's a giant xbox360 flag. Lots of Green. Lots of console comparison opinions. Lots of xbox buttons in screenshots of games. The writers are from the official xbox magazine & the easiest subtle message to spot is on thier Madden preview. It's tagged with a title:

Evolution: out with the old, in with the new.
Underneath it there is a platform comparison that says for old school maddens fans, there's nothing like the playstation controller. In fact, some are so diehard about this that they'll never play madden on anything other than a ps3.

For the 360 they said: Madden looks so good on the xbox360 that it's hard to knock it. Add to that the xbox360's massive online community & you'll always find someone online to play against.

Now, if you are a child, a casual gamer or someone who has just recently found interest in gaming. Subliminally, ps3 sounds like a wasteland of of guys who refuse to buy the 360 version.
Old with the old school you're thinking & in with the new as the xbox360 sounds like the exciting version to buy. PS3 is known for it's graphics but in this message it's not the case with a multiplat because you can't knock how good xbox360 looks in a comparison to the ps3. Why would I buy the ps3 version if more people seem to enjoy it better on 360 is what you would conclude to.
The words some players, diehard & old school madden fans & the suggestion that they refuse to play madden on anything tries to strenghen xbox360's "comparison". It's a tactic that works as you'll eventually will hear this same opinion vomited back on forums where they get hurt by ps3 fanboys truth remedy.

They don't actually compare anything. Everything that was said in xbox360's version is also exactly true for the ps3 version. The difference really is the hidden fee of xbox live which all bias magazines & sites fail to mention. It's a deal breaker intially that's decided way too late after your investment. Also, the screenshots have xbox buttons in them.

They do a wii version & stick to the script & then exxagerate by saying 6 billion families on the planet have a wii. It's fun. Blah blah blah.

The good thing about this magazine is the coupons for $145 dollars.

When you're a adult & have been reading magazines & playing games since the begining like me
You just dismiss this crap as salesmenship. Yet when it's desperate & obsene. Just blatant & dam near subliminal advertising it would be cooler if I could get some accurate ps3 info like detailing your own game covers medal of honor & telling people about it's ps3 beta, free game remake & free online.

M-Easy3025d ago

Great post. Bubbles for you!

memots3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I watched the whole video and it you could feel their disapointement and you could fell like they were trying to defend it.

I always had that odd feeling with Xplay and Attack of the show it always seems like .... well .. you know , I won't say otherwise i will be called names.

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