Nintendo to share the status of The Last Story outside of Japan soon

Earlier this week, Nintendo released the first trailer of The Last Story. It only confirmed that the game will be released in Japan sometime this year, though the same cannot be said of North America and Europe.

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Valay3021d ago

Hopefully Mistwalker knows what they're talking about! I really want this to come out in North America. I'm sure it'll happen.

NikoleSmash3021d ago

The end of the month will take forever!

SpoonyRedMage3021d ago

I think this is a definite yes... they'd try to hide negative news or ignore it, not give us a deadline.

It has been trademarked for the US and Europe and all the battle stuff was in English(no Engrish either by the looks of it).

-Mezzo-3021d ago

This is great news. i will get it for sure.

phantomexe3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I hope so too this game looks really really good. We are still geting xenoblade right?

SpoonyRedMage3021d ago

Monado is still in Nintendo's database apparently but it's a bit in limbo. I think we will get it though....

Stealth20k3021d ago

...Until its cancelled by nitnendo of america at the last possible moment

Spenok3019d ago

I don't think its confirmed yet, but i wouldn't be to suprised.

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The story is too old to be commented.