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The Lego franchise and name has seen a rise in popularity over the last few years, partially thanks to the overwhelming success of the Lego Star Wars titles, which offered a light-hearted and humor filled take on the Star Wars universe. Since the introduction of the Lego Star Wars titles, Traveller's Tales has continued to expand their reach and have sought to recreate our most precious memories of classic movies or shows by making them into Lego games -- Indiana Jones and Batman recently got this treatment. Just like the previous Lego titles, you can come into Lego Harry Potter having a mild idea of what you'll get: clever humor, light puzzles, and a seemingly endless supply of Lego bits to collect.

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Leupac3049d ago

The Lego titles are usually pretty fun, I may have to give this one a try.

VegaShinra3049d ago

Word son! Lego is awesome except for Lego Rock Band wtf was tat about

Queasy3049d ago

Not as much action as the previous ones. Lots of exploring, collecting, and problem-solving.

cayal3049d ago

It is a very fun game.