Destructoid : Anime on your xbox 360 : Crunchyroll partnership announced

The kids that watch anime will definitely know about video streaming portal Crunchyroll. This site has managed to change the entire U.S.-based industry in just a few short years, earning video exclusives and near-simulcasts of popular Japanese content. The companies that make DVDs? They're shutting down while Crunchyroll is growing.

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KionicWarlord2223026d ago

I wonder why crunchyroll doesn't make a app for ps3 and xbox 360 .

dgroundwater3025d ago

Any PS3 owner will tell you they use Crunchy on their browser. But yes an app for 360 would be slick!

Godmars2903025d ago

I haven't been able to play CR lately for some reason. The player just wont load.

And if I'm reading this right, CR's offering this through Zune for DL, not as a separate app.

evrfighter3025d ago

I enjoyed Gintama so much I subscribed to crunchyroll to support the mangakas.

After it ended :(. I deactivated my subscription the same day.

Cueil3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

I've been having problems on my PC... try checking it out now it worked for me yesterday

btw used Giant Killer pick... it's great

nickjkl3025d ago

crunchyroll is trash

i would rather watch raws

Godmars2903025d ago

Not like not being able to watch CR is a big deal. Like many are pointing out here, there are plenty of other sources available through the PS3. Has me wondering if anime will be accessible though Hulu+, which then has me hating to ask since I don't want to get Hulu+. Not after the bastards blocked the PS3 in the first place. A-holes.

Also has me thinking how CR has gone from once being illegal streamers, to legitimizing it. How I'm not certain that the general adoption of the practices will either hurt or harm legit Western translation companies.

nickjkl3025d ago

sony has anime in the theater of playstation home

so far they have had afro samurai and ful metal alchemist

Spenok3025d ago

Yay for internet browser on my PS3, no need to go to the comp to watch anime lol.

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Folezicle3025d ago

They've made the app to push sales in Japan, since last month actually sold some units, over that Monster Hunter: Battle Frontier Game... I wonder If microsoft are going to go all out with marketing in Japan, as they are with Kinect for the rest of the world

ChronoJoe3025d ago

They can't hold onto US-EU at this rate. Not a good idea.

Cueil3025d ago

I'm not sure what you're trying to say... the 360 has such a massive lead over Sony in the US it's not even funny... EU is where the war will be waged for sure

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tinybigman3025d ago

of their preferred systems are idiots because every damn article on this site breaks down into my system is better then yours. why can't people on this stupid site just talk about the damn article that's posted instead fighting?

Nuclearwinter3025d ago

What exactly are you getting at? How would this crunchyroll app push sales in Japan? Why would the Japanese need an app on their Xbox to watch anime? I'm pretty sure they can just watch TVTokyo.

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C0MPUT3R3025d ago


seij5553025d ago

Who the fuck gets their anime from crunchy roll. I get mine in high quality from my favorite groups and then put it on my portable HDD to watch on PS3.

Triella3025d ago

My thought exactly besides their collection of anime is pretty scant and late by at least two seasons.

ThanatosDMC3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Exactly, crunchyroll website is full of spam and also unreliable links. It's better to find it on the subber's websites and what not. Also, they some links that tell you to pay to watch, which is retarded since most if not all fansubbed episodes are FREE.

Fansubbers usually link a torrent to their files or an MU (megauploads) link.

Cueil3025d ago

how about people who want to support the creators of the animes

Triella3025d ago

By founding mediocre fansubbers ? I prefer paying for the DVDs/BDs

Baka-akaB3025d ago

poeple who want to support the author dont feed crap like crunchyroll ...

You are much more useful when you pay for their own japanese services , or buy their dvds , even while watching fansubs

ClownBelt3025d ago

Animecrazy is the way to go.

rezzah3025d ago

There are many...





and many more.

coolasj3025d ago

the 2nd to last ( yes I put that right ) WORST subs on the internet. They would be THE worst but there are subs done worse. I just get my Subs from Fansub Groups and either stream it to my PS3 or just straight up put it on there. That would be a waste as anyone who's REMOTELY interested in any sort of anime would get worse subs AND quality from them than if they just google'd the episode they wanted and watched on some embedded site.

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