Gamestop Botches Power Hour Sale

Gamestop, utilizing their reach via Facebook to garner some popular opinion about what exactly their "Power Hour Deal" was going to be this week. Essentially, this was a deal that was only supposed to last for a single hour, during which time a game was going to be sold for a ridiculously low price. While their intentions were as honorable as a corporate entity with their reputation could achieve, it seems that they set themselves up for failure.

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3025d ago

Whatever. Gamestop probably pulled the servers on purpose so no one could order it. If they're truly legit they'll redo the sale w/ servers that are working at a descent time.

RockmanII73025d ago

The servers came back online and Gamestop continued the sale until 5 minutes later when the game sold out.

-IronMan-3025d ago

Hmm i ordered it recently and got the confirmation for 23.99. :)

Zachmo1823025d ago

As much as i don't like Gamestop really you guys should quit your bitching its Red Dead people. A really good game that cost $60 and your getting it for $23. So of course a lot of people are gonna jump on this deal when some kind of sale goes on the internet it happens the site goes down nothing new here people. Get used to it.

3025d ago
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