CVG: Star Wars: The Old Republic Interview

Bioware doesn't make MMOs. But if it did, they'd probably be the best MMOs in the world.

What's that? Biowareis creating an MMO? And it's in the Star Wars universe?!

Put down that can of faux-Danish lager and crack open the posh stuff!

Oh wait, what? It's not out until next year? And only on PC?

What's all this about 50 novels'-worth of dialogue? In an MMO?

What's going on?

Best sit down with Bioware lead designer and story writer Daniel Erickson to find out more.

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Darkfiber3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

You're right, Bioware doesn't make MMOs, therefore they have no idea how to make one.

They have no idea who their target audience is. MMO fans don't want to sit through dozens of hours of dialog, they want to raid and get loot and PvP.

Console kids don't want to play a game that has a stupid, boring as shit combat system that every other MMO in the world is using right now, which is the reason they don't play MMOs in the first place. And they don't want to pay $15 a month either.

This game will most likely fail on both ends after a few months because they did NOTHING to make the combat and gameplay fun or interesting in any way, and looks like it's attempting to force you to play the game like a single player game by not being able to skip dialog that most MMO people don't care about, especially when you're in a group. It will be outdated before it even gets released. The only people who are excited for it are stupid video game "journalists" who have never played an MMO for more than 10 hours in their life.

It makes me sad that games like C9, TERA, Guild Wars 2 and Warhammer 40k who are actually doing something unique and thinking outside the stale MMO scene that WoW created will have nowhere near as many subscribers as this just because "this is star warz i has litesaber pewpewpew"