Bad Aim Doesn't Bedevil PlayStation Move, Not This Time

The PlayStation Move, like a Wii Remote bolstered by Motion Plus is supposed to tolerate people who stop pointing the controller at the TV. I accidentally completed a successful test of that yesterday.

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Sharingan_no_Kakashi3025d ago

that the Kotaku members post some pretty ignorant comments? It always amazes me that those gamers dont know anything about games. You dont need 2 controllers to play sports champions. What sense does it make for Sony to bundle a game that requires 2 motion controllers with only ONE!?

alphakennybody3025d ago

tell me about it, its one of the top reasons why I never go on that site anymore.

MariaHelFutura3025d ago

Kotaku is slang for stupid.

Davoh3025d ago

The simple answer would be more money, but yes Sports Champions doesn't need 2 Move controllers but it does make for a better experience.

trounbyfire3025d ago

its fun with one i mean you are not getting any less of a game am i right

Davoh3025d ago

You say it's fun with one but it's cooler with two, it's unwritten fact that anything dual-wielded is awesome (swords, guns, children and PlaystationMove)

cliffbo3025d ago

none of the Move games so far require 2 Move controllers yet.

is there any Wii games that require 2 Wii Motes ?

gaffyh3025d ago

Sony actually mentioned that most games you can play with 1 controller, but the experience is better with 2 so it's not a requirement.

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Slient Knight 93025d ago

it wouldn't make any sense, i believe the only game where you need 2 move controllers is "The fight" but i might be wrong.

heres link showing sports champion “Gladiator” mini game being played with 1 move controller.

doG_beLIEfs3025d ago

"Racquet Sports proved Marks correct. I'm not sure why the tennis game needed to use the Eye to track my movements. I don't know what it was looking for."

Um, Stephen....the EYE tracks the BALL on the end of the controller...just like motion capture cameras track the BALLS on the person it is tracking.

So the PS Move is like a mini motion capture tracking system....that is one of the reasons why it is so accurate and lightyears ahead of the Wii+ or Kinect.

Why is it a non industry person like me knows MORE about this than Kotaku? I do not have access to all of the insider knowledge that they do...either he is full of CHIT or he is stupid...either way....


skip2mylou3025d ago

ummmmmmm because they dont look up their info?

zootang3025d ago

If he has indeed had hands on then I'm sure a Sony rep would have told him that the PSEye tracks the ball.

It's not really something he has to look up. I'm sure he would have had hands on with it. In which case why didn't he ask what the ball is for? If he wasn't told?

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tiamat53025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

So this is good right? The cam can track the Wand even when it's out of range of the sensor. And it doesn't pause the game and gives you a message that you need to put it back in range. Sound fair to me. Shouldn't take me more then a second. And Slient Knight 9 i think there is a chance you can play the The Fight with the Move and nav according to Joystiq

Slient Knight 93025d ago

cheers for that, wasn't too sure if there was another way to play it

trounbyfire3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

remember at TGS when they showed RE5 with a DS3 well people complained a crap load and sony gave them the navigator

now how many times do we have to say it NOT ONE GAME SO FAR REQUIRES TWO MOVE CONTROLLERS ( maybe the fight but it could work with one but not as fun) , YOU DON"T HAVE TO BUY TWO OR THREE NAVIGATORS FOR THE FAMILY BECAUSE GAMES JUST WILL NOT WORK THAT WAY.

and stop the BS about "a family of four" crap because its pointless. why because they always start with the move bundle which is$100. well many have the ps eye already and like i said you don't need the navigator so it just $50 per move which is the real price but no one talks about that.

you could just have two move controllers and take turns. have a mini tournament adult vs kids or whatever which could make kids have more fun if they get a higher score than dad. point is kinect so far is only 2 at a time so that family of four will have to take turns

where are the headlines about that....oh thats right

jneul3025d ago

unfortunately nothing ms gets hardly enough bad press especially kinect despite the fact all they have done is hype, smoke and mirrors.
once people find out for themselves the truth, word of mouth will go around about kinect not being up to the ms promise, people may fast turn towards the move more and more like with all the experts they was backing kinect, until they found out that ms are trying to get away with the same tricks they played at the showing of what was called natal, they was not impressed, all of them already have had hands on with the move and know it works as advertised!!

3025d ago
tiamat53025d ago

Just ignore them. This is how everyone treats Sony's products. They complain and complain about how Sony is ripping them off and how it's too expensive and do not look at the value that they are given. The PS3 is more than worth the price but everyone just keep pointing out what it can't do and ignoring what it can do.

GaMe013025d ago

Someones trying to justify there purchase

strickers3024d ago

someone unable to use language?

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