Surprise! Dragon Quest 9 Is a Western RPG in Disguise

Bimob: If you're an American gamer who has dismissed the Dragon Quest series because you don't like JRPGs, then Dragon Quest 9 will explode your mind: It's actually a Western RPG in disguise! Read on to find out just what that means.

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bearsfaan3024d ago

Hmm, yet another reason for me to check this game out. I need to stop making excuses and do it already.

Sadie21003024d ago

Yeah, this headline alone makes me interested. The author better be right!

JamesDeRosa3024d ago

I've never been about to get into Dragon Quest. Maybe this is the change I need.

rod_furlong3024d ago

hmm maybe I need to play it, then....

Godmars2903024d ago

Then why is it taking so long to bring it out in the West?

silkrevolver3024d ago

... a main entry into a Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest is a day 1 buy for me no matter what... even if it’s just to check the game out. I don’t really plan on doing multiplayer in this game, but that seems like its main draw, so I may have to track a friend down over it...
As a side note: I find it funny how long it takes them to make a new game in the series... DQ8 came out, what, 4 years ago? Something like that? How can the final fantasy guys make more games than them when Dragon Quest games rarely innovate? But that seems like a moot point here, be cause they DID add an extensive multiplayer. Also, there are 2 teams who make the main FF games on and off, right? Then there’s the Online team? Well... Here’s to hoping that DQX is shown at TGS.

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The story is too old to be commented.