Xbox 360's Kinect Gaining Appeal Among Non-360 Gamers, finds Study

Following the spotlight on motion controls at this year's E3, Ipsos OTX decided to take a look at consumers' attitudes towards the PlayStation Move and Kinect. It would seem that both motion platforms gained some slight traction from E3, with Microsoft's Kinect benefiting a slight bit more.

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Godmars2903048d ago

this study wouldn't have happened to have been funded by MS, using MS employees from the Kenect department, by any chance?

ingiomar3048d ago

dude.. the MS conference was live on Times Square and it was on Mtv, Spike(live) and nick..TWICE

of course it's getting more attention.

You are clearly just another jealous fanboy.

ukilnme3048d ago

Nothing but the truth in those words. Bubble for you.

King_of _the_Casuals3048d ago

I think MS is hitting there Mark with this Kinect thing. We may not like it, but my girlfriend and her girlfriends fell in love with it. They said they know what I'm getting for my birthday....whether i like it or not! LOL

-Alpha3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Seriously, these conspiracy theories just go too far. I get that guys like MS have been shown to use certain tactics, but throwing the conspiracy card to solve all of the problems you face when you read something you don't like is intellectually lazy. I'm not saying what you are suggesting is out of the realm of possibility, but to throw it out there without a shred of proof only convinces the eager fanboys who are just WAITING to find a way to spin around something that hurts their radicalism.

MS knows who it's aiming Kinect at, MS has advertised the product in numerous mainstream ways to a very specific direct audience, and it's blatantly obvious that it's getting more attention because of it. Why is that so hard? Why does that hurt people so much?

Let's also not forget how conveniently we use these standards. When Sony posts there sales numbers, I didn't see you, or anyone else questioning the fact that Sony is the one telling us about their numbers.

Anyways, my only concern is IF the interested non-360 gamers will go out and buy Kinect. You can only lead a horse to water.

Bigpappy3048d ago

Look right here on N4G. You would notice that PS3 fanboys spend more time in Kinect post than in any PS3 threads. There even know more about it than the 360 guy, and give their 360 brotheren lost of free advice.

JustTheFactsMr3048d ago

It's not a conspiracy theory. It's a fact MS uses this tactic on a continuous basis. They fund studies to get the outcome they want so they can them send them to all of the media sites that usually pass it off as an independent fact. Before you call other people intellectually lazy I suggest you read thru the Comes vs MS trial documents as a starting place. The funded studies are the least of the tactics documented on the public record.

Manipulating independent bodies behind the scenes to give the appearance of legitimacy is one of their key manifestos.

It is intellectually lazy to paint him as that if you didn't actually make the effort either :)

DaTruth3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Those casual gamers are real brainless sheep, judging by the Wii success, so lets just show a bunch of celebrities and flashy lights and jump around pretending to have fun and they will zombillie come running.

Disclaimer: Now 360 fanboys, I am clearly agreeing with the article and the premise that Kinect will be big, so please don't say I'm trolling... unless you are a casual gamer in which case, yeah I'm making fun of you!

Edit @ JustthefactsMr: Nice ownage there! Bubbles(they need a ownage bubble category).

@BigPappy: Sales really does mean everything to you! Are you a fitness junkie or a kid! MS has so little games as it is, now they will be splitting their development, and that is just cool with you. If MS does start to really pull in the casuals it's game over for you!

Bigpappy3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

But I disagree with the horse to water analogy. Pre-orders for Kinect are going through the roof at $150 a pop. There are a lot of fitness junkies out there and people who are promoting health gaming. Plus, kids are loving this thing. There is no greater motivator to a parent than pleasing their kids. This is the real secret that Nintendo has locked on too with Mario and their game systems: Don't target the money makers, target their kids. Most parents put their kids before themselves in almost every case. I am one of those dumbass parents (but I would have it no other way).

-Alpha3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Show me where I disagreed with what you said. In fact, I said that I am completely open to the suggestion, but the way it is used here shows that people are satisfied with agreeing to claims without evidence. And that's what godmars lacked.

Let me quote it for you: "I'm not saying what you are suggesting is out of the realm of possibility"

You've shown me MS has, in the past, resorted to misinformation. But this is a strawman. Never did I deny this, yet you attempt to deconstruct my comment as if I did. Show me how this particular study was funded, twisted, or influenced by MS. Help me understand this stubborn behavior that people have when they hear a pro-360 thing on this site. That's all I'm asking for.

To resort to cherrypicking any news that seems to portray MS in some positive light by appealing to a behind-the-scenes conspiracy theory IS intellectually lazy. To go to that lowest common denominator in any case without offering any sort of evidence is a desperate grasp at straws and an appeal of generalizing.

JustTheFactsMr3048d ago

Well the post I was responding to changed while I was writing my response. Looks like you where editing it at the same time and then posted it a few minutes later:) I see you have fleshed it out a bit more.

He was asking a question not stating a fact. I think you misread what he said.

1. Calling him a conspiracy theorist because he asked a QUESTION. Just ask him to provide evidence etc without the painting. End of story. I don't think he actually read the source article and/or confused the headline with the actual research that was done.

2. Getting more attention is different than "gaining" appeal. Their marketing likely is reaching more people but so what. It could be turning off just as many people. However you never questioned the headline of the article that doesn't actually match the details of what was found. Which you have to admit is a bit ironic given the spin they put into the title and Godmars comment about who funded it :) The original research is about both but this guy highlights the 360 uptake only? Maybe Godmars confused whom with whom.

3. When SONY posts sales numbers the PERSON making them are in DEEP SHIT if it's wrong because it effects shareholders, stock markets etc. That's why most people wouldn't question them.

4. All corporations fund these studies and every single one is suspect. The fact the funding isn't disclosed is the deceptive part. The actual research study seems pretty even indicating it wasn't funded by a particular party.

The spin put on the headline is another matter :). Does that make me a conspiracy theorist or observant?

AAACE53048d ago

I'm surprised you didn't do the usual comment of most of the people here and say MS paid everyone off!

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003048d ago

because your jealousy is showing.

Jack Klugman3048d ago

There is always a payoff behind positive news for MS according to the SDF on this place.

They've cried wolf so much it no longer has any bite.

krisprolls3048d ago

Not everybody loves Kineyetoy and Kinecteyepet.

PS3 fans happen to prefer real games.

D3adcell3042d ago

I prefer real games too krisprolis, but the 360 still has real games. Kinect being released doesn't mean all future games are going to be casual kinect crap.

The thing about Kinect is, it's going to make MS a lot of money if the audience they are appealing too pick it up. Look how the Wii has sold to old non gamers. It has simple games because thats what those people like. Thats why stuff like farmville is so huge. This is MS's attempt at cracking that market.

They already have the 'hardcore' and 'real' gamers playing their console. Kinect isn't targeted at them.

GodHandDee3048d ago

It's marketing mate, MS is good at it and they are going all out on this product which leads to more attention, sony hasn't really started their Move marketing campaign in the US still

DaTruth3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

That is almost an oxymoron!

It only does... Magic spells!!!
________ ... Motion fighting!!!
________ ... Point and shoot!!!
________ ... Everything!!!

Edit: @ below: Can't believe you guys are still vigourously defending the damn thing! They said there was nothing for the hardcore 360 owner and that Move was more for the hardcore, they were bashing it accordingly. They were right and you were wrong; please end the defense forcing. "Bu, bu, but, wait till teh E3, then MS will show you!"

@Alpha Male 2.1.2 below: Hardcore gamers aren't seeing this as good news! No spin needed, a hardcore console going casual is nothing but bad news!

Damn I miss my 9 bubbles!

sGIBMBR3048d ago


Looking at your previous comments, kinect could be the greatest thing on earth and you'd still dislike it because your impartial to anything Microsoft, and pro everything Sony.

Nothing new here, just another jealous douche.

At least be honest to yourself, if kinect was a Sony product, you'd love it!

IdleLeeSiuLung3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Well there are good news for the Sony camp as well, but you were to busy bashing MS.

PS Move is gaining traction among hardcore gamers and their existing user base. Isn't that the good news Godmars should be focusing on instead of bashing MS?

... Not if you are a Sony cronie!!!

sinclaircrown3048d ago

"this study wouldn't have happened to have been funded by MS, using MS employees from the Kenect department, by any chance?"

No, its just that when you take out hardcore gamers and fanboys (you), which is only a minority of the gaming market, you're left with people that don't care which console something is made for. If they like it, they will buy it.

Godmars2903048d ago

You can't make a joke w/o calling it a joke.

And likely, not even then...

tinybigman3048d ago

shovelware, i didn't do it on the Wii and i sure as hell won't be doing it on the 360. i'm using my $100-150 (or whatever the hell its gonna be) on games that matter (core games). you and nintendo can go kiss my ass with the shovelware garbage.

i hope sony doesnt allow the shovelware to hit the move that fast.

tinybigman3048d ago

is someone out there trying to tell me i should spending my hard earned dollars on shovelware? to them i say blow it out your ass.

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N4PS3G3048d ago

I heard it was funded by your sad tears of jealousness, apparently it makes people want to jump like idiots :)

Obama3048d ago

jealous of crappy casual games? SO far Kinect has not shown any hardcore games and what makes you so attracted to the device I wonder?

asyouburn3048d ago

and shiny!! and has lights on it! very attractive

-Alpha3048d ago

No one has said anything about the games.

This was an article about Kinect's popularity and potential of selling to the casuals. Something positive about the 360 going unnoticed and spun into a negative thing around here isn't hard to see.

wages of sin3048d ago (Edited 3048d ago )

Please define the term "hardcore gamer". I hear this term bantered about with no real thought as to what it means; essentially repeating non-sense.

Hardcore used to be associated with how much time and effort you put into gaming. It's defined by your breath and depth of knowledge of gaming...ALL gaming, not just what's considered "hardcore".

It's not about what system you own or what genre you play. It's about how far you will go for your love of gaming. How much time you put into the history of it, the "major players" i.e., developers, publishers and such. It's sad that we have become seperated like this. It used to be about the games. Now, it's about the names.

Folezicle3048d ago

I have to agree, that soo far the only games that seem to look good for Kinect are Child of Eden and Dance Central (I know it seems like a casual game, but many sites gave it game of the show.) I hope to see games like these though which don't mimic the Wii... Where is that technology, shown at last years E3. I was listening to a podcast from IGN, and someone said that Microsoft really stuffed up when it came to showing off the Kinect, It can do a lot stuff than just the launch titles

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BeaArthur3048d ago

Not surprising since they have started marketing this to a more casual audience.

asyouburn3048d ago

but i cant help but think it wouldve been better if they showed someone playing halo or gears on it, just to say "if you suck with a controller, its ok, you can still get your halo on!"

table3048d ago

% who are white? wtf is that all about

IdleLeeSiuLung3048d ago

yeah, I noticed that too. So what is the opposite then. Percent of who are colored?

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