Remember When?: Pre-Order Bonuses Were Cool

Remember when pre-order bonuses were cool? I remember a time when the bonuses we received were actually something to get excited about. Now, it’s either an in-game outfit or, if we’re lucky, $5 off our purchase. That’s perfectly fine for someone like me, but I’m considering those who may have a bit of a problem. You see for me, I live a 5 minute walk away from a GameStop. For others, going to GameStop may be a 30 minute drive. With the bonuses the way they are today, is getting a bonus helmet really worth going to GameStop before the release of a title? Is it really worth wasting over $5 in gas or bus fare to get to a GameStop twice for one title? Sure, we have free will and no one is forcing anyone to do anything. But why has pre-order bonuses become so lame? What happened to all the cool stuff that were actually worth reserving for?

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knight6263076d ago

some pre-order bonuses are still cool especially Amazons giving discounts on next games and gift cards thinking about it makes u save a lot of money

newhumanbreed3076d ago

This is why I always suggest everyone to pre-order from Amazon. You get the in game content and either a $5, $10, $15, or $20 gift card to Amazon depending on the game. I know because when I pre-ordered Red Dead Redemption, I only paid $56.99 with free release date shipping and got a $20 gift card. I used that $20 gift card to purchase Super Street fighter 4 at $6.99 with free 2 day shipping. By the way it was on special, and games on Amazon are always on special. Amazon > all retail stores.

Ninferno3076d ago

i remember when i loved getting the bonuses for games i reserved

thevokillist3076d ago

Gamestop still occasionally does that, but honestly I stopped going to GameStop because they seem to only hire people who have no idea about anything!! "Is this a good game??" "I have no idea, man. Sorry." Bollocks! What do they pay you for? Just to ring me up at the counter?!?!

SeanRL3076d ago

I know! Half the time they don't even know what games are coming out. They just sit around talking about mw2 until someone actually buys something. That's my experience from eb games at least.

rdgneoz33076d ago

I never ask them (GameStop) about games, I check up on them myself, rather than relying on people ask you 20 times about wanting to pre-order games that won't be out for over 6 months to a year. As for pre-order bonuses, as the writer said "ll take something tangible over digital any day."

Chadness3076d ago

Well, to play devil's advocate here, they don't have the time to play every game that someone may inquire about. That would just be ridiculous. I've had this same thing at my GameStop, but I do realize that they have a life, too, and just like everyone else either doesn't have time to play a game or just aren't interested in playing a particular game we may ask about.

On the other hand, there have also been several instances where they have given me some info on a game that they have played,'s kinda 50/50.

JoelT3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

before our consoles had hard drives. Now there's no more physical product/collectibles... and that makes me sad.

Hitman07693076d ago

I'm personally not big on physical collectibles but I completely agree. I feel like the quality in pre-order bonuses is low right now and that developers are giving us things they originally created to be left in the game for free and charging a fee.

Homicide3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Atlus are one of the very few that give out some awesome pre-order bonuses. I got a free Junpei cap just for pre-ordering Persona 3 Portable. The hat is pretty sweet actually. I pre-ordered Etrian Odyssey when I heard the pre-order bonus was an art-book. Etrian Odyssey's artstyle is pretty nice.

But yeah, I hate it when the bonus is like a free downloadable character or outfit, and if didn't pre-order, they charge you like $2- $5 for it.

Chadness3076d ago

I'm right there with you. There are certain bonuses I like. Two of which are soundtrack CDs and art books. But the odd and end interesting bonus, like Junpei's hat from Persona 3 Portable is pretty awesome, too. I love Atlus.

booni33076d ago

but some preorder bonuses still are cool! but they mostly suck. like in-game stuff that will eventually become DLC is not a sweet preorder bonus. Now themed playing cards, behind the scenes DVDs, soundtracks, THOSE are preorder bonuses. Oh and artbooks are cool too. most often though, we see the pre-order and get exclusive in game costume...and that pretty much sucks.

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