Gamer Limit Review: NCAA Football 11

The EA Sports NCAA Football franchise continues to work towards providing an authentic college football experience. The intensity, tradition, and college environment are a few of the more important aspects of the game that can help the franchise set itself apart from other sports games. NCAA Football 11 takes that authenticity a step further with “120 ways to win”.

While the qualities of college football off the field are essential to the experience, it is on-the-field authenticity that has been lacking in years prior. With “120 ways to win” EA Sports Tiburon has implemented each and every offensive and defensive package for all 120 teams. But is this along with a few new additions enough to take the franchise to the next level?

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Yuenanimous3024d ago

Great review man! I can't wait till they add a feature where you get to play as an uninterested college student who is just trying to wade through the out of town assholes at the grocery store during game day. At least, that's how my game-days went at OSU during football season...

kauza3023d ago

I've actually never played a college football game. Crazy, isn't it? I do like the sound of a lot of what NCAA 11 is doing.