John Marston Kills GameStop Red Dead

PSLS writes: "Beginning at 12:00pm EST, GameStop began their usual powerhour sale. Despite being both a popular and top-selling game, one of the best games so far of 2010, Red Dead Redemption, was thrown on sale for the unbelievable price of only $23.99. Unfortunately, the GameStop servers have paid the price..."

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Sev3024d ago

I wonder if GameStop will extend the deal considering how their site has been down the entire time.

I was going to pick up a few copies at that price for gifts.

Never underestimate John Marston

JonnyBigBoss3024d ago

John Marston is a monster.

I know they still have some in stock right now but those should evaporate if the site comes back up. If it doesn't come back up before 1:00EST then they should definitely extend it.

Trey_4_life3023d ago

John marston is a beast, i agree.

As for the crash, perhaps they should of rang up sony and asked to temporarily borrow some of their world class servers, then there wouldn't of been a crash.

The futures bright, the futures playstation.

doctorstrange3024d ago

Hopefully they will extend it, that is an unbelievable price

TheBuIIetSponge3024d ago

I'll sell you my copy for 23.99

Crazyglues3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

It also shows that the average gamer is still struggling to buy these games at their full $60 dollar price tag...

-because I would think everyone already bought this game, I bought on release and it was well worth it's money, I really enjoyed the game - and even though I'm no-longer playing it, I still had a blast..

So to see so many people trying to get it at $23 tells me a lot of gamers might have passed on the title because the 60-65 with tax price point is just a little high for the average gamer..

-Anyway this is a great deal if you missed the title this is a great price point to get it at... enjoy -(Loved the game)


Sev3023d ago

I'd normally agree with you, but this isn't a price drop. This is a fire sale that lasts one hour. With GameStop being down half the time, and the PS3 version selling out within a matter of minutes, how many copies do you really think were sold at this $23.99 price?

Probably less than 50,000, which in the scope of sales for the game is a flash in the pan.

Also it's likely that GameStop was footing the bill on this one, and using the most successful game this year to try and garner some interest on their site. It's called a marketing stunt.

Trust me when I say, Red Dead doesn't need to be at $23 to sell.

I do agree with you on one part though. $60 per game is too expensive for most people. I'm lucky most of my games are press review copies, or else I'd only have about half of my current game collection.

So to summarize this reply:

Games @ $60 = too expensive
Red Dead Redemption @ $60 = worth every penny

stiggs3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Do you really believe that Gamestop offered 50,000 copies of Red Dead Redemption for sale at that price? I have a feeling that they made less than 1/100th of that amount available for purchase.

ReBurn3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

The fact that people jumped hard on a 60% off sale does not show that gamers are struggling to buy games.

I'm not struggling to buy games, but when I had an opportunity to pick up Crackdown 2 at 60% off I jumped on it. Getting a good deal on something you were going to buy anyway is a sign of making a good financial decision.

George Sears3024d ago

Hah my bro bought a PS3 and he asked me what good games he should buy and I told him to get this one. That was like 3 days or so ago. Too bad he payed 60 bucks.

tplarkin73024d ago

Hindsight is useless. He shouldn't feel ripped off.

chasegarcia3024d ago

the took my copy of the cart lol oh well

JonnyBigBoss3024d ago

Ouch... that's a big blow.

conjurdevil3024d ago

same thing I added to cart when I went for check out they took it out

Forbidden_Darkness3024d ago

Your kiding me, i just picked it up 2 weeks ago, i would have waited!

skyblue142133024d ago

It would have been basically useless waiting after all of the garbage I went through trying to order the game during this sale.

DeadpoolBub3024d ago

How long is this going on & is it in the stores too? I'm getting my next Friday.

skyblue142133024d ago

The 1 hour promotion said online only.

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