Activision plans to lighten gamers money bags through online services

In a recent interview with FT, the CEO of Activision stated that the company wants a little bit of the revenue that Xbox Live and PSN are gaining of off the Call of Duty series.

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Merivigian3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Well, Activision can kiss it's success good bye. I feel bad for PS3 gamers especially. Some of them just dodged a bullet by not having to pay for online from Sony. Now they will have to pay for Activision's online game play.

SupeerSteebbi3024d ago

Well, I'm not going to pay to play online.

nickjkl3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

who said im paying online

i just wont buy activision games matter of fact i already stopped when i was going to buy transformers and then saw activision and was like nahhhhhhhh

evrfighter3024d ago

As to the answer to that one article where I asked why Activison wanted a console like pc that hooked up easily to HDTV's...

We have our answer.

captain-obvious3024d ago

yah well Activision can Suck it

Rumor3024d ago

activision is illuminati

BattleAxe3024d ago

As soon as Activision starts charging for online, I will probably pass on their games. EA isn't much better by charging for game modes.

zeeshan3024d ago

If you bought MW2 then you are a part of this problem. Simple as that. Stop supporting Activision and stop buying their annual crap!!

PCnPS3Gamer3024d ago

im, just pirating transformers for pc fuck ftw

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LukaX233024d ago

When you think about something you lighten, it's usually a good thing. Like a new phone, or loosing weight off your fat ass (*cough, cough* Kotick *cough, cough*). In this case, Activision made it bad - REAL bad.

SeanRL3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Let's just boycott them, just don't buy their games.

Edit: Hey webeblazing, y'all a hick.


we have been trying to do that since Activision first said they were raising the price of MW2 for no reason....

nobody took it seriously, I would love to see it happen now.

webeblazing3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

and yall are really suprised your paying to pay online. theyre thinking your really paying to pay pay the other part of their games. yall put this on yall selfs instead of standing together because your buying a over $500 console every 5 years plus games, you rather fight and get rape. but your mad somebody else wanna join the gangbang. pc gamers was on point when they tried to pull this on them. by next gen every big publisher gonna have a online service app on consoles. thats why consoles is where the money at there dumb

ikkokucrisis3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

First off, if you read the article you'll see that it is geared toward PC gamers.

Secondly, the reality of the situation is that everyone that plays an Activo game loses.

And why should gamers pay to play COD online?? Dedicated servers are not used for online play. Content is not updated on a regular basis. And when there is an update, people are charged $15 for it?!

This game is not an MMO!

Kleptic3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

why feel worse for PS3 gamers?...its the 360 owners that are getting tongue darted twice...there was a big article about it last week...that MS is all for letting activision and EA charge extra, and that the XBL price to play online will go unchanged...although this article seems relative to PC users and the support they get for the game...

but either won't work, referring back to last weeks charges for individual online console titles...With Halo Reach coming to the 360, and MS not charging anything 'extra' to play it online...same with killzone 3 for the PS3...why would anyone pay even more for call of duty?...Obviously some would...but it would DEFINITELY hurt the popularity of the franchise...these are always short term decisions by short sighted businessman...and they always end up putting everything in the gutter down the road...if its working, don't fawk with it...

seriously...even PS3 fans agree...halo reach will crush the next call of duty anyway in how is activision planning on making another annual sequel more appealing by charging more money to play it?...its not like cod lacks competition...if this was reversed and MS was looking into charging an additional premium per title, like for reach for example...then I would be paying close attention to what happens...

so i guess all I am saying is...360 Halo Reach, and forget about black ops...and activision...Its bungie's last halo, at least until they see how much money they will make coming back to make another in 5 years...I guarantee that come christmas you won't hear d'bag kotick running his mouth about charging more for anything after that...

DecoyOctopus3024d ago

we need to send in solid snake to take out kotick once and for all

unknownhero11233024d ago

it will be more hilarious if we sent these guys after kotick:

*solid snake
*commander shepard
*master chief
*stelio kontos
*darth vader
*the zombie horde from the L4D series
*marcus fenix
*nemesis from RE3
*albert wesker

and lastly,

*gordan freeman

evrfighter3023d ago

Ah I can see it now. After the horde of people finish having their way with kotick. Gordon walks in crowbar In hand. Stands over a bleeding sobbing kotick . Fade to black as the crowbar that saved the world comes swinging down for the sake of the free man once again.

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Forbidden_Darkness3024d ago

Yep, my COD gaming if officially over. People give them 60 dollars for the game, then some even give 30 dollars for map packs and still they wont more.

NYC_Gamer3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

well gamers buying all of that every yr is the reason

OSU_Gamer3024d ago

You give them a cookie and they will want some milk.

NYC is right. People paying ridiculous amounts of money for a map packs gives them almost every reason they need to try and charge for anything.

Baka-akaB3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

every time they push the limit , people bluff and say "if they do this it's over" , and yet "you" keep giving them rope to hang "yourself" .

People pirating the game or buying used arent any better , they keep perpetuating the false excuse of piracy harming the franchise , hence every year a new restrictive change .

Just decide once and for all to stop before finally getting a clue at 100 dollars the game .

This is maddening , because those weak people act as if their poor decisions only affect them ... "so what if i'm getting ripped off , it's my money!" . Obviously , once other publishers see the leader of the pack get away with murder , they'll push their luck as well .

Some people's weakness kills it for everyone as usual . Been that way since the oblivion horse armor , now we are at the stage of refurbished sp maps for mp at 15$ ..

PCnPS3Gamer3023d ago

i dont see the big deal in pirating its not like im downloading games im going to buy like who do i look like mr money bags off the monopoly game if they want people to buy theyre games instead of pirating then they need to lower the personally the games are on pirate and im not going to buy them anyways mise well download it. im no boyscout. no guilty conscienceless. game publishers have been hiking up the price of games before pirating was ever a huge problem....

karl3024d ago

"the company wants a little bit of the revenue that Xbox Live and PSN are gaining of off the Call of Duty series"

ahahaha that sounded soooo greedy

this bastards wont learn.... well thx god so many games today like BF and MOH are so much like cod that we really dont even need them anymore...

BeaArthur3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

As soon as they adopt this it will be the last CoD game I ever buy. And you know what, f*ck that greedy piece of shit. What, the $15 map packs that millions bought aren't enough? Without Live and the PSN your games would be selling under a million so how about you appreciate what you have.

xX TriiCKy Xx3024d ago

I agree. I'm only buying Black Ops because I haven't played a CoD game since CoD 3.

SeanRL3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Woooooow, you're weak. Just don't buy it at all.

Edit: As long as you buy Acti games, they'll keep milking them. I know it's a tough choice and black ops does look cool, but we have to stop them.

BeaArthur3024d ago

Well call me weak as well because I'll probably be checking out Black Ops due to the fact that MW2 was so disappointing. As long as they don't implement the online fees then I'll still give Call of Duty a chance. Treyarch looks like they stepped up their game for this one.

biggame9013024d ago

While Black Ops does look nice, I just cannot support Activision and their greed. Activision needs to be sent a message, and apparently, the only thing they see is dollar signs.

xX TriiCKy Xx3024d ago

I couldn't care less about Acti milking games. Its not like I buy every title they ship out. I just want to play my CoD dammit. :P

LOOK_AT_THIS_I3023d ago

Agree with everyone saying no...this is the problem we are dealing with. People stand up and say no and screw them, then turn around and pay up with a pre-order. RENT, RENT, RENT local video store, gamefly..whatever. No first party sales anymore from that bitch ass company.

One really great feature of the ps3 is that you can buy nearly any of the games used and not have to worry about skipping/scratches/ have to really try to jack those discs up.

360 guys borrow from weak friends who have no morals and encourage this sleazy ass greedy company.

xX TriiCKy Xx3023d ago

Obviously, I could rent the game. But that's not how I do things. If I play/borrow or whatever, I'm gonna keep that game and add to my collection. If I rent a game,I just end up buying it anyway.

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webeblazing3024d ago

what about EA they said they gonna charge for used games to use they servers they use they own servers for all they games. what about ubisoft, and all the other companies thats thinking about this. yall late and never see whats really going on till its happening.

let me ask you this what games well you play if every publisher start doing this? MS and Sony cant stop them gamers can but yall already show that yall happy paying to play online. itll be most likely but you get point

ukilnme3024d ago

I'll most likely stop gaming if every publisher pulls this pay to play crap. I just want to buy a game, pop it in my PS3 and play online for "free". Not too much to ask.

mirroredderorrim3024d ago

I hope people will drop this franchise and help put Activision through dire straits. Monetarily speaking, of course. :)

WLPowell3024d ago

too bad for activision i have no interest in their games.