Deus Ex designer criticises publisher conservatism

Harvey Smith, the one-time Lead Designer of Deus Ex, now working at Arkane Studios, and Raphael Colantonio, CEO and Creative Director of Arkane have criticised the conservative business practices of the big-name game publishers.

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BeOneWithTheGun3027d ago

But, really, how is the gaming sector different than any other retail market? Once you make an IPO, you are no longer in control of your "creative direction". You now must answer to your shareholders and let me tell ya, some suit in Reno who sells houses and has 2.5 kids could give two shits that a dev wants to take a risk and make another Demon's Souls or whatnot. They want to see their shares go up 5%

God bless capitalism

Folezicle3027d ago

Very true.. Lol at last comment... Regardless I am looking forward to Deus Ex, the last 2 were brilliant.