The top 10 consoles of all time

Throughout the years the world has seen many video game consoles. However, only a few deserve the title of 'The top 10 consoles of all time'.

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TheWarmth3114d ago

WHAT!!! No original Xbox!!!!

StoneySweatLeafs3114d ago

The original Xbox was even worse than the 360. Neither should be on this list in my opinion.

MRJENKINS3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

this whole xbox 360 hate is relly getting pathetic i mean comeon the 360 set the standard for online gaming on a console not only that but it is also the first hd console plus the 360 has some relly kick ass exlusive like
halo 3
gears of war
alan wake
forza 3
fable 2
project gotham racing 4
perfect dark zero
well all original 360 have a 3 year warranty and the new 360 fixed most problems the original had i respect your opinion.. but i have to call you out

StoneySweatLeafs3114d ago

No, pathetic is releasing a defective console before it is finished.

WLPowell3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

A great console shouldn't be criminally defective and come with a slew of excuses. and perfect dark zero was garbage.

edit: take out the 360 and put in the dreamcast. list would almost be perfect (at least have the right ten)

3114d ago
Conloles3114d ago

Meanwhile the gospel of gaming the PC doesn't get a mention - fail article is fail

GWAVE3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

Why are either the 360 or PS3 even on the list? Neither have been around long enough for a fair comparison. It's like people who have been recently adding Red Dead Redemption to "greatest storyline of all time" lists.

360 doesn't belong on the list due to massive RRoD and the recent years so devoid of any games worth buying the system for. PS3 doesn't belong on the list due to a lack of "indie" content that made the PS2 so well-loved.

And this article is incorrect: Xbox 360 did nothing for the online world or for Achievements. They simply made minor improvements to established things already done on PS2 games and PC games. It's like people who say that Gears of War invented the 3rd-person cover system...

MysticStrummer3114d ago

Just like all PC gamers who troll console articles, you fail.

SoSLy3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

No mention of gaming PCs.. thats sad, cause last time I checked it started multiplayer and online gaming altogether. The most played console of all time as well... Wii should be up as well... PS3 should be higher than the 360 since it has the blu-ray and the same features the 360 offers. Dreamcast was not mentioned as well... This article fails

Caffo013114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

xbox360 it's not the first hd console..the first one is ps3!look at the first xbox360 generation released and tell me if you find hdmi output...

darthv723114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

The issue with "lists" is they will ALWAYS vary from person to person as it pertains to personal preference.

I dont think there will truly be a definitive list everyone could agree upon. As it stands, I like ALL consoles. Good and bad as they represent the very nature of why this industry is where it is.

Genesis is the one I really got into. All other generations have been evolutionary but that genesis time was revolutionary. Like the first time you listen to a cd vs a tape or record. You knew from that moment things will get better but that was the WOW moment in gaming for me.

All systems since then have done their part to push forward this industry and I can throw a nod back to the 2600 for getting me hooked in the first place. To me in my honest personal opinion...Genesis really was a new beginning as the name implies.

edit: @jenkins...while I like to play my 360 as much as the next guy. Please respect the idea that console gaming has been an evolutionary form of entertainment.

Revolutionary moments from time to time but mostly evolving from what something else had done. There is nothing wrong with that as it will continue to evolve. I will give you a few examples of revolutionary moments (i may be wrong but I am sure others will correct me):

color gfx, game pad, removable storage (cartridge, optical: cd/dvd/etc, flash/hdd), 3D

Those are some things that have revolutionized gaming at various points in time. From those moments it has evolved. I think the next revolutionary moment wont happen until we get full reactive virtual control. I would love to see the whole holodeck come to fruition some day.

Bottom line, the 360 is a great system (even if there are those who see otherwise) just as every other system made has been great in their own respects. What you wrote is very onesided fanboyish even if that may not have been the intent.

Roozium3114d ago

EEEH? There is something called component cables wich can deliver 1080p also. Jerk

InFAMOUS13114d ago

Actually 1080p can't be passed through RGB.. HDMI is what give you 1080p. RGB supports only 720p and 1080i

JOLLY13114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

1080p goes through many different style of cable. My VGA monitor says hello. Yes component cable can do 1080p with no issues. You shouldn't talk about things you don't understand.

Darth, Thank you for making it more clear. Bubbles...

darthv723114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

"Actually 1080p can't be passed through RGB.. HDMI is what give you 1080p. RGB supports only 720p and 1080i"

You are right about the last part. However, the component connection is capable of 1080p under the right conditions. The content must not have HDCP and the set must be able to handle that spec.

That means games could be played but not movie via hddvd or upscaled dvd.

ExplosionSauce3114d ago

Are they judging consoles based on games alone? Or hardware?

Oh well, this is marked as "Opinion Piece". So let's take it as that and not fact.

Dread3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

hate the 360 all you want, but i have owned pretty much all consoles since the atari 500 and i can tell you the one I have played the most by far has been the 360. RROD aside it is my favorite console of all time period.

I know you sony extremist hate it but at the end i think it is because you are all bitter that Ms took such a huge market share from Sony. Just deal with it and rejoice on the fact that we have such a vibrant gaming community with so much great competition. I dont like the playstation 3 too much, but i dont hate it. I respect the fact that it has great games, but i prefer the online community of Xbox Live.

HolyOrangeCows3114d ago

Let's see....
-Current Gen consoles that haven't completed their lifecycle
-Wii above the

Yep, list fails.

Why o why3114d ago

you know what they say about people who call people with differing opinions extremists.. .hypocrites. like Sony fans would be bitter about ms's market share. why? if anything it pushed Sony into overdrive. we've still got the best support with the best games. thanks ms. you've pushed Sony to step up at a faster rate than they MAY have IF ms wasn't around and that includes psn

Good luck with your marketshare loading dread whilst ps3 fans get the better games at a higher rate. its still about the games my friend.

I have all of the current consoles. each has their goodpoints but the games on the ps3 have shown me why Sony have been so successful. maybe you should give credit where its due instead of being childish. last year you were as quiet as a mouse.... guess marketshare and npd got you through:) lol

360 good ps3 better Imo

LilSis3114d ago

and how did the 360 beat ps3 exactly?

moparful993114d ago

First hd console? You mean the console that didnt come standard with an hdmi port until the elite? Wow you bought into microsofts PR wholeheartedly. Don't even say that the component cables output in hd because they didnt. That fake hd you saw was upscaling which isnt true hd.. It was another one of microsofts sleight of hand tricks to convince people like you that you should buy their console. Dont get me started with the lack of features that its competition has had since launch. Lastly the abhorable failure rate of the 360 alone keeps it off this list.

November 9 20043114d ago

ps1 had to be flipped upside down it had issues to,ps2 had DRE and dont act like YLOD isn't real either.

SaberEdge3114d ago

I don't completely agree with the list, but it is a good list. Those were all important consoles that had a dramatic impact on the gaming landscape.

For those hating on the 360, it's really pathetic and childish. No true gamer can deny the great things the 360 has offered. The PS3 is also a great console. The problem is, I don't really see anybody hating on the PS3 here. Even the ones that prefer the 360 aren't hating on the PS3, they are just explaining why they like the 360. There is a big difference.

sikbeta3114d ago

1· PS2 = YES
2· NES = OK
3· PS1 = YES
4· SNES = OK
5· wii = F*CK NO!! Gamecube >>>> wii
6· Sega Genesis = NO! I rather put the N64 here
7· Atari 2600 = ?
8· x360 = NO! and its life-cycle is not over
9· PS3 = Life-Cycle is not over
10· N64 = Number -> [7] I would put the DC

Socrates3114d ago

Those saying that component cannot pass a HD signal are morons. Go do some research. Component can pass a 1080P signal just fine. The only exception was that some studios would not allow their HD movies to be passed over component because component did not support copy protection. However, games on the 360 never had that requirement so component could pass a 1080p signal just fine. Most games on the 360 and PS3 are 720p anyway.

The other thing some fanboys are dead wrong about is the absurd claim that the 360 has more sub-HD games than the PS3. This is completely false.

It's true that both consoles have a few exclusives that are sub-HD, but most games on both consoles are 720p. If anything, when it comes to multi-platform games it is the PS3 versions that are more often sub-HD. Look over this list at beyond 3d and you can see how many games are full 720p on the 360 and sub-HD on the PS3.

So, if anything, the PS3 has more sub-HD games than the 360.

Dee_913114d ago

original xbox

Skizelli3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Dreamcast pretty much gave birth to online gaming on consoles, yet it's no where to be seen. Shameful.

Lists like these are always subjective. And pointless.

Bereaver3113d ago

I'm tired of people saying that the xbox 360 was a great console because of online gaming. No, the online part is not really a piece of hardware for the 360.

Halo is a game, not the 360.

Xbox live is an online service FOR the 360 not the 360 directly.

360 has the highest failure rate out of all the systems. That alone should stop it from being in this list.

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Holeran3114d ago

I loved my original xbox, much better than the 360 in my opinion.

CWMR3114d ago

I loved my original Xbox too, but not more than my 360.

Trey_4_life3113d ago

Top 3 consoles of all time in my opinion (been gaming for 20 years)

1. PS3

2. PS2

3. SNES (Super nintendo)

NewZealander3114d ago

no n64? no dreamcast? i still have fond memories of both, even though the dreamcast was a sinking ship it was a beast of a console at the time.

DevastationEve3114d ago

Xbox 360 deserves the spot more than PS3. Disagree if a $600 rape feels good every gen.

finalblink413113d ago

Sorry your poor and like to buy junk. Go back to school get a better job and stop shopping at Wal-Mart.

sak5003114d ago

Those nubs shouting about lack of hdmi on the release model of 360 are prob teenagers who bought ps3 as their first console. Back in 2005 nov/dec even the HDTVs were not common there was no set standard for hte formrat and connectivity. I had bought that same year a SONY 720/1080i HDTV for 2000$. That TV didn't come with HDMI and i was glad 360 dint come with hdmi connection at that time. SO unless your parents are funding your habits you dint want to keep changing your TVs which started coming with HDMI connections. SO shut up and 360 is one of teh best consoles and first to get us into achievements and HD gaming plus really made online gaming fun. IF you disagree you're blind sony fanatic and would likely blow up urself if sony say so.

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piroh3114d ago

PS2 gave me more than any other gaming system and graphics in Gran Turismo 3 in 2001 was unbelievable

The_Zeitgeist3114d ago

For me God of War 2 was the defining PS2 moment.

presto7173114d ago

OMG. Why are we having this argument?!!!!

TheLeprachaun3114d ago

Personally I preferred the gamecube, but both were great consoles. The gen before that though, I think the N64 was miles ahead of the Playstaion. Everybody I knew had an N64, it was the greatest split screen multiplayer console ever! So many good games, and Rare was amazing back then.

BYE3114d ago

N64 was great, but it suffered from its limited storage for games, similar to the 360 and DVD.

TheLeprachaun3114d ago

I suppose, but back then I didn't really care about that sort of thing. If the games were good, I was happy. :)

I remember having to use an expansion pack in the console for Donkey Kong 64, funny times.

raztad3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I though PS1 was king, or am I wrong? the storage issue was actually very important and helped PS1 to get next gen games like FFVII.

I was a PC player (RTS and FPS) until 2006 when I saw games like GoW, Burnout Legends, Devil May Cry 3 and Metal Gear Solid:Snake Eater. I bought a PS2 and since then PS is my gaming platform of choice.

SaberEdge3114d ago


Yeah, such a superior media format that FFVII required 3 discs. I thought that was the end of the world.

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Al Bundy3114d ago

The PS2 will always be #1.

guitarded773114d ago

I don't know about that, the PS3 is just exiting its infancy and Sony has really been on a roll with killer exclusives and new IP's + the PSN has really grown. I've owned every system on that list since they were new and I'm really impressed with where Sony is going. That's not fanboy talk, that's experience talking. All that said, the NES and PS2 are the best older consoles IMO, but it's too early to call a horse on this gen. BTY I didn't disagree with you.

Dread3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

I agree Al , the playstation 2 rocked the exclusives, and for that it deserves the number one position (it is not my favorite, but objectively speaking it is hard to argue that it is not number one). But I have to give props to the Dreamcast and the 360 because they made online console gaming happen. Dreamcast started it and 360 perfected it.

wages of sin3114d ago (Edited 3114d ago )

One should be the NES. You know, the system that saved the gaming industry and brought us some of the most respected franchises in existance. Second place should be the SNES.

How did the PS2 give more than any other system, specifically the NES, SNES, N64?

Oh I see, right after that you bring up graphics so I guess that answers my question.

The_Zeitgeist3114d ago

I don't agree at all. Sure Nintendo saved the industry back in the day. The PS2 took everything to another level. It sold 100 million more than the NES. Give credit due, where credit is due.

SaberEdge3114d ago

Sales don't equal quality, remember that one?

Most of you are probably too young to remember the NES era, but I agree with Wages of Sin that the NES is the most important console of all time. It literally saved video gaming.

telekineticmantis3114d ago

NES should be number 1, but after what nintendo did for the industry with the NES. The next most important thing was what the PS2 did, bringing gaming to a wider market not just kids. So PS2 should be number 2

biggame9013114d ago

I disagree as well. Yes, the NES did save the gaming industry after the crash in the mid 80s, so if you want to put it there, than I can respect that.

But you have to give respect where respect is due, and the PS2 has earned that. Not only is it the greatest selling console in gaming history, it launched gaming into a stratosphere that was thought to be unreachable, even in the days of the NES and SNES. It rightfully deserves its place as No.1 or No.2.

klado3114d ago

Dude ps2 has more than 1500+ games, making the console, the biggest experience hence games out there.

but true, NES and SNES has my heart over ps2...but never ps1...breath to fire please.

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k-Lan3114d ago

My #1 - Xbox 360 baby! I'm joking of course. ;)

klado3114d ago

Nor 360 or ps3 should be there list, really, the generation hasn't even finished yet, long way to go.

k-Lan3114d ago

I was joking. I thought that might've been obvious with the hardware issues and all. Kids will be kids i suppose.