Insomniac Loved Vanquish At E3

Apparently, Ratchet and Clank and Resistance creators loved what they played from Vanquish at E3, with a few staff calling it the best of the show, here is what some of them had to say regarding the Game.

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Baltis3114d ago

Of course they did; it was everything they couldn't never pull off in one of their own games. Talentless hacks. Sony has carried this team for over 15 years and for what? To keep everything basic and to play it safe? Insomniac needs to go away. I wish Microsoft or EA would buy them up.

andron3114d ago

Or are you really hating on Insomniac? That would be sad...

Baltis3114d ago

Dead serious. I hate Insomniac and what they've done to R&C. Actually, what they haven't done. They have kept this game stuck in low gear for far too long. Time for Sony to cut them loose and let someone else take the IP. Someone with more skill and ambition.

Rikitatsu3114d ago

Was by far the one of the best shooters this gen, Hate all you want, but Insomniac are in no way a talentless hacks.

Quagmire3113d ago

". I hate Insomniac and what they've done to R&C"

You mean like managed to get their final brilliant R&C game at an 87 Metacritic score? If thats not an achievement, i dunno what is.

zeeshan3113d ago

Great! I hope they were taking notes for R3 :)

STICKzophrenic3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

"Resistance was by far the one of the best shooters this gen, Hate all you want, but Insomniac are in no way a talentless hacks."

Resistance was a solid game, and really good for a launch title, but to say one of the best shooters this gen is being extremely generous.

Halo 3
Killzone 2
Uncharted 2
Gears of War
Gears of War 2
Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare
Call of Duty World at War
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter
Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
Rainbow Six Vegas
Rainbow Six Vegas 2
Dead Space

I would rank all of these ahead of Resistance: Fall of Man and Resistance 2.

I've only seen one video of Vanquish and it looked like it could be pretty cool. There was a ton of action happening and it looked very fast paced.

Anon73493112d ago

You didn't even mention 1/100th of the shooters this gen. There's still games like Infamous, Borderlands, Fallout 3, MGS4 that are cross-genre too. (I'm assuming you're counting TPS now also since you included some but he originally said FPS)

And most of the games you listed were generic garbage anyways

To say any FPS game this gen is the "definite best" is a blatant lie, and Insomniac made a decent launch title, then upgraded it a lot for a sequel but they DID NOT make the best FPS this gen has to offer, I shouldn't even have to say this.

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Rikitatsu3113d ago

developers appreciate awesomeness when they see it

scofios3113d ago

Shinji Mikami nuff said .

milf_sex3113d ago (Edited 3113d ago )

Hahahahaaaa !

You think Insomniac would have been better at the hands of MS ?

Lets see what MS has done these past few years...

Made bungie do 3 Halo games in 4 years.
3 Gears games
3 Forza games in quick succession..with a new one with Kinect support coming.
Ruined Crackdown 2 by releasing a Crackdown 1.5
Too Human.

On the other hand, Insomniac have created 4 games with Sony, 2 each of 2 franchises. If they were at MS, they'd have made 4 games of a single, generic, series full of generic macho guys.

They've gone multi...thats about as close as you'd get to Insomniac...after the relationship they developed with Sony all these years, they'd rather kill themselves than not make games for Sony platforms.

And they did go multi to make games for more people. going MS exclusive would be counter-productive.

I'm sure Insomniac are working on something kick-ass as we speak.

and its no surprise they loved Vanquish...they love Sci-Fi stuff.

Edit : Oh and if they remained independant for 15 years while having a good relationship with Sony, what makes you think they'd let M$ or EA buy them ?

orange-skittle3113d ago

Sony has had a lot of titles that fell short of expectations despite your personal opinion. In case you didn't know...LBP and Killzone didn't do well and neither did Resistance 2, so please don't mention Microsofts short comings. Until God of War 3, MGS4 was the only PS3 exclusive that sold well. Even Uncharted 2 took forever to gain momentum and that game was amazing.

You can take pot shots at both companies, but lets be fair about it. Bungie made several Halo games, but they always outsell a PS3 exclusive. Killzone 2 was visually stunning but didn't receive the numbers they expected. Does it make Does it mean it flopped...depends on how you look at it commercially. Did they lose money or not. Battlefield on PS3 sold more than KZ2 even though KZ2 was gorgeous.

If you compare what Sucker Punch and Naughty Dog have done w/ the engine compared to what Insomniac has done...they have underachieved. Those other 2 companies are doing sh!t that makes the PS3 say "Keep it right there I'm about to cum"

zootang3113d ago

"LBP and Killzone 2 didn't do to well"

I stopped reading there.

MariaHelFutura3113d ago

I never report comments and your getting reported. Not because I love Insomniac but because your comment is plain stupid.

PrimordialSoupBase3113d ago

Sorry but with the way the gaming press is pretty much incapable of criticism and using review scales properly, Metacritic means shit all.

As for Insomniac, to say they are talentless is retarded. Lacking in ambition, sure.

Folezicle3113d ago

@Baltis You shouldn't of said that, you bagged an EXCLUSIVE, those games you have to like for Sony! The SonySoldiers are after you now..

jony_dols3113d ago

But out of all the exclusive developers that have worked on the PS3,
I have found Insomniac to have created the most average games out of the lot.

In my opinion Naughty Dog,Guerrilla,MM & Sucker Punch have created better
exclusive games on the PS3 platform.

I think Insomniac peaked with their ratchet and clanks on the ps2.
And they haven't come up with an original idea since, apart from the generically average FPS Resistance..........

jjohan353113d ago

Completely agree. They're not talentless. But compared to the rest of Sony's exclusive lineup, Insomniac does pale in comparison.

specialguest3113d ago

You only hate Insomniac because they went multiplatform.

Gago3113d ago

so true

you can't help but learn from platinum games

Jack-Pyro3113d ago

I wish you'd shut up.....but thats not gonna happen either is it?

Insomniac is a talented team of dedicated artists, and I eagerly await their next release.

....Besides, I don't see you doing anything better, who are you to criticize them, I bet if you were to make a game it'd be called "Captain Blandies Mediocre Adventure"


Spenok3113d ago

Well first off you said "Couldn't never" actually meaning that they could pull something like this off, as well as bashing them as a developer. THEN you say you want EA or Microsoft to buy them? For what? I thought according to you they were talentless hacks..... Think before you speak, it would save us all a lot of grief.

Baltis3113d ago

Who said I liked EA or Microsoft? IF EA or Micro would buy Insomniac they'd fall deep, deep into obscurity and no one would ever hear from them again. Think a little beyond your own fanboyish ways next time. Insomniac isn't good. They're very rudimentary when it comes to other developers out there.

Xfanboy3113d ago

Your fanboyism is sickening!!!!

Kassanova073113d ago

You're a moron. Insomniac are one of the best developers out there. To this day no one managed to surpass the 8 player co-op in R2.

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DoctorXpro3114d ago

"I wish Microsoft or EA would buy them up."


Imperator3113d ago

I'd actually say MS and Activision are both the scum of the gaming industry. They both milk gamers, ignore their fan bases, and released nothing but stale rehashes.

DelbertGrady3113d ago

Who wouldn't be in love with Vanquish? The game looks phenomenal.

guzman3113d ago

Vanquish is worthy of all the accolades it recieves.

3113d ago
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