Ubisoft Working On Move/Kinect Shooter

NowGamer: At the recent Ubisoft event in London Ghost Recon Future Soldier product manager Aziz Khater told NowGamer that the publisher is looking at integrating motion control into core games

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Wizziokid3025d ago

the only way a Kinect shooter would work is with an added item (gun) which the player can hold but apart from that all they could really do is have a shooter where the only added bonus with Kinect is voice and hand gestures (grenades/team orders)

Anon19743025d ago

Development kits for Kinect were being sent out with instructions from Microsoft not to make shooters. Has this recommendation been removed now?

HolyOrangeCows3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Microsoft also once required games to be at least native 720p with 2xAA.
That didn't last long, either.

The code is more what you'd call "guidelines" than actual rules. Welcome aboard the Black Pearl.

The Lazy One3025d ago

where did you hear that? One of the most interesting Kinect games in the launch lineup is a shooter.


If this is a full Game and is only designed for Move, it will cost $40.

And for Kinect $60.

absolutecarnage3025d ago

I love this site everyone is so negative, Why don't you let the Big boys decide if it will work or not, obviously we will know sooner or later. Too me I would love to see people try to think outside the box and see what they will come up with.

rdgneoz33025d ago

It may work, it'll just be a rail shooter like the old arcade Time Crisis games. Hopefully it'll turn out better than the SWs Kinect game...

GodHandDee3025d ago

But shooters will work great with the Move

prettyboy13025d ago

but i dont see how kinnect will work with a shooter

Ju3025d ago

It will end the same way as RUSE (unless MS pays them/forces them to put it in): Move yes, Kinect no.

GodHandDee3025d ago

You have to give voice commands like


Shoot 'turns the camera to the next enemy' shoot shoot SHOOOOOT

all this while standing up = best workout ever

talltony3025d ago

I say "shoot these controls suck!" hahaha

skip2mylou3025d ago

im confused on how youre supposed to move around with kinect anyone wanna tell me how im supposed to move?

Wizziokid3025d ago

use the controller like always?

they wont make a game where you have to run around your house to move a character in the game-world, I can see it so you use the control as standard and Kinect will allow for an addition of features such as;

*throwing grenades
*voice commands
*hand gestures
*maybe something to do with your head?

who knows Kinect has only been in the devs hands for a year and companies haven't scratched the surface with what can be done so lets wait and see what people come up with over the years (or year if it flops, which is a possibility with the lack of support e.g. R.U.S.E)

Godmars2903025d ago

Really don't get why the R.U.S.E devs aren't using it. Unless it can't or has issues tracking hand gestures.

GoodSpeed3025d ago

So you're suggesting that we as players of a shooter on Kinect REMOVE our hands from the controller to gesture the throwing of a grenade instead of pressing a button? Does that make sense to anyone?

Basically everything you suggested can be done quickly and efficiently with a controller without the need to remove my hand from said controller to initiate an in-game action. That's terrible implementation and that's why Microsoft specifically stated to not create shooters for Kinect.

If anyone has tried to make a shooter work with Kinect it's Microsoft and you know they tested Halo extensively to try and implement the controller-free technology into the game. It just doesn't work because there's no manageable way to do it. It's made for party games and simple sports games. Stop hoping it will be more than that guys!

rdgneoz33025d ago

@Godmars290, they said it wasn't practical. I've heard some matches in R.U.S.E. can last several hours and for it to work, you'd have to be standing the whole time. Also, a shooter or any game requiring you to use a controller in addition to using Kinect is just making Kinect a $150 Eyetoy. The whole point of Kinect is never needing a controller to play the game. I'll be waiting to see developers use Kinect to let gamers move around in games like shooters or action games. Think of trying to run around in Halo or COD and jump around / kill people with the fast paced action.

Godmars2903025d ago

If such a game was possible doesn't it beg the question why wasn't it shown at E3 to keep the Hardcore from complaining?

Wizziokid3025d ago

Because devs have only had about a year with the tech and are still experimenting with ideas?

absolutecarnage3025d ago

I been saying that lots it takes a year or two to understand the limits and potential of a newer product, example (look at beggining PS3 and 360 games and now the newer ones huge difference)

Godmars2903025d ago

With many 2nd and 3rd party devs having kits well before that. They were talking up shooters, yet there wasn't even mention of them at E3 much less a staged/pre-rendered demo on the same level as that Star Wars title.

If they could show staged CG like that, then why not a shooter? Especially when they've taken years to release titles like Alan Wake and Too Human, and are apparently looking to fund and finish Duke Nukem Forever.

Nevermind that those same devs have had Move kits for just as long and they're not only putting it in shooters, but at least in one case putting it in a game while not using Kenect.

Ju3025d ago

"Only a year" ? Is that supposed to be a short amount of time ?

rdgneoz33025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

One year may seem like a little bit of time, but then again "It 'took just five weeks' to integrate PlayStation Move into R.U.S.E.". Hell, developers have had kits for Move for less time and they've shown a ton of sick "hardcore" games for people to enjoy. Sure you'll see better games as people get use to the tech, but MS not showing any form of hardcore games at E3 and apparently telling developers not to make Kinect shooter games seems a little iffy. That and the nice acting job they did at times,

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