Civilization V Special Edition Announced

2K Games has announced that Sid Meier’s Civilization V will receive a Special Edition.

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TheLeprachaun3115d ago

What game doesn't have a special/collectors/limited edition these days?

toaster3115d ago

Man I just bought the CivIV complete pack on Steam the other day for a ridiculously low price. Played it, love it, will be looking forward to what CivV has in store. I might just pick up this special edition and the price seems right for what you're getting.

ElementX3115d ago

Special editions are getting way out of hand. They're becoming so popular, that they'll never be worth anything because potentially thousands of people own them.

moe843115d ago

Well said. Gone are the days where Special/Collectors Edition meant something.
Scrap them all, and go back to true limited editions. So limited it's like 100 per state or something.
The way people cry about what is, and what isn't fair.. this will never happen. QQ

3115d ago
moe843115d ago

Definitely looking forward to Civ.V
Didn't play IV, and probably couldn't now. Visuals are too dated for my tastes. But I remember playing Civ. I, II and III in their prime and they were pretty cool.

ElementX3115d ago

Civ was never about visuals. It's about the gameplay!

lzim3115d ago

yeah BS, the game blows because in this day and age of 3D RTS's taking everything to scale, it is disgusting to see SM releasing another POS CIV game in 2D.

Or is it just that the game can't be managed on some computers on the same scale? I'd care about this game so much more if it was in 3D with at least the quality of Kingdom for Keflings or Anno 1404.

ElementX3115d ago

I, along with MILLIONS of other people around the world respectfully disagree with your opinion that Civ is a POS. It's one of the best selling PC game series.