MMOGames reviews/interviews Sherwood Dungeon, the 1-man MMORPG

Sherwood Dungeon, a 3D action-orientated browser MMORPG developed by Maid Marian Entertainment, is a game unlike any other you’ll likely have ever played. I know, I know. You’ve heard it all before. Hell, there’s a good chance you’ve heard it all from me. This time, it’s different. I swear. And it’s not the real-time skill based combat system, or the fully-rendered 3D models in a web-browser, or the omission of the traditional class system that makes it different, or the ability to play without a download or even a sign-up process that make it different; no, it’s knowing that the entire game was conceived, created, developed, updated, animated and maintained by one man: Gene Endrody.

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