Move priced for profit

Having taken four years to get to the point where each PS3 console sold actually returns a profit, Sony has confirmed that it will be making money from the off on the Move motion controller.

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trounbyfire3024d ago

good news but even if move is out sold by kinect people will say its a failure

piroh3024d ago

i don't think Move will be outsold by Kinect due to Kinect's high price, and Xbox people likes FPSs more than casual games

on topic: good news because almost all money from Sony profit goes to development of exclusives

Darkfiber3024d ago

You're forgetting, Kinect has Justin Bieber as its spokesman (well, spokesboy really) which means every single 5 to 15 year old girl (and some boys too) will want it and demand that their parents buy it because Justin Bieber is the antichrist and demands it of the masses to use as a mind control device to prepare his armies for the final assault on the kingdom of heaven. Kinect will sell 1 million units for every single time he says the word "Kinect" on his twitter, I guarantee.

siyrobbo3024d ago

kinect has no official price, why are people commenting on its price when its just pure speculation?

wages of sin3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Do you have the link where Microsoft has officially stated the price for Kinect? How much will it cost a family of two or three, four even, to fully enjoy Move?

You further go on to state that "Xbox people likes FPSs more than casual games". True, shooters are the best sellers on the 360. However, they are also the best selling on the PS3 as well so what does that mean; going by your logic.

You say that all that money goes to develpment of exclusives, but, so far I've seen way more tacked on Move controls than exclusives. My advice, let Move and Kinect find their footing and then judge.

So in other words MS was able to get him and Sony didn't. As a business, who do you think wins on that one. Sony has Kevin Butler, MS has JB.

Lol, good luck with that.

@darkfiber bellow,
Source please. Again, where is it official that that's the price. Do you know the amount of time and money poured into R&D? You say there's no way that it cost's that much. Why is that exactly? Perhaps you can list Kinect's abilities and relevant price?

jneul3024d ago

the latest predictions put dev costs of kinect at $140 a shot, so if ms boys get their wish of sub $100 price tag then ms will be losing alot of money if kinect is as successful as they want it to be.... just saying but isn't that what you all bash Sony for??
I am happy the move will be making a profit, all that profit can go to Sony for being so great to me the past three generation's

gtsentry3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

@wages of sin,,,sony actually has kevin butler,marcus rivers,justin timberlake,and peyton manning advertising products for them...and i dont no why ur doubting the fact that xbox fans mostly buy shooters.wat are the biggest games on the xbox halo,gears and cod.ps3 biggest games right now are cod,god of war,and uncharted 2

Christopher3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Actually, Kinect is cheaper in the end than Move.

Kinect is for 2 players and is listed at the highest price of $150.

Move will require $100 (PS Move bundle) + $50 for another wand alone. Throw in two subcontrollers and that's $80 more for a total of $230. If you want to play 4 player games, like table tennis, you'll need another $100 for two more wands, adding up to $330.

Personally, I think Sony and Microsoft should be selling their peripherals alone at barely a profit in order to quickly increase the market that they can sell their games towards. Over time production costs will decrease which will increase the profit of the peripherals. I think the biggest hitch is the additional cost being associated with both motion controller options.

R2D23024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

he was until my daughter and her friend showed me his video - I think N4G is forgetting the power of the Beiber and that we are a minority in the gaming world and the casulas are the money makers for consoles makers.

From what I have seen so far move is my kind of cake and way more presise, but I love my daughter and if I had to choose to buy move for me or Kinect for her then my daughter will win.

Some of you might say why dont I buy both. I would if I had the cash but I am getting a 55" LED TV for Chrsitmas so have to budget. Hopefully Best Buy does a deal where if you buy an Sony LED TV you get a move bundle.

TheBuIIetSponge3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

High price? Its 150 for Kinect and 2 people can play normal games and 4 can play party games. To get 2 people playing Move its 180, 210 if both use navigation/sub controllers, which they will in this example so its fair. To get 4 people playing 280, 310 if all use navigation/sub controllers but party games probably wouldn't require them so its not exactly fair to ad them in.

Edit: Look someone disagrees with a fact. I'd prefer Move but it is a higher price. Unless you only plan on having one person use move, in which case its 20 cheaper but with Kinect you can still have four people play.

rwarner1743024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

But BulletSponge? No matter what Kinect costs it isn't going to change the fact that, though its great technology, it is in no was suited for gaming. Not without some form of controller. I think most fans know this and just don't want to admit it. Sure Microsoft could release a controller for it, but that is going to increase the cost.

Do go saying, well you could just use the xbox360 controller. If you believe that, then you clearly never played a sixaxis game on ps3. It just doesn't work.

TheBuIIetSponge3024d ago

Sorry but the Kinect will be used for gaming, even if you or I don't like it. It is also a better value. Don't make excuses.

MicroSony4Life3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Your comment could have done with out the word xbot (Reported as Spam)- I will still respond to you even though I can see that you are trolling.

Kinect is not aimed at the hardcore and I think most xbox hardcore fans know this by now and I have not seeing anyone hype it like its the next best thing next to Gears and Halo. Casuals dont give a rats about 1:1 motion or AAA games all they want is simple and in the trend (Justin Beiber)

i think everyone on N4G knows that Move is more harcore than kinect so I dont see whats the point to your comment.

fantasygamer3024d ago

you can actually use the normal Duel-shock 3 controller in the place of a subcontroler ^-^

(at the bottom it says: Note- DUALSHOCK®3 wireless controller can be used in place of the navigation controller for all games that are compatible with the navigation controller.)

Folezicle3024d ago

It costs more to have the full experience for Move...

Kinect is $150 (This was even shown at Microsoft's booth at E3) and you only need one for two players..

Move for two player requires you to buy A starter Kit ($100), 3 More Controllers ($150, This is for the full experience, and so you can play every Move Game) and 2 Navigation Controllers ($60).. Making a total of $310

Also to note the 250 gig 360 is near the same price as the 120 gig Slim, and there is a 120 gig arcade console going even cheaper.

Regardless money wise, i prefer the Move, since it has descent games, looking forward to the new SOSCOM, Yet Child of Eden looks pretty good on the Kinect

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Jack Klugman3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

piroh stop talking out your arse man.. You don't know the price of Kinect and stop assuming all 360's buy is FPS. I guess that is why RDR moved about a million on the platform alone in one month..

jack_burt0n3024d ago

Its called the nintendo price model and its worked very well for them why change it as long as the accessories alone are impulse buys people will buy them and you dont need stupid f**king batteries.

They are still competing with wii even though the technology rips wii motion plus to pieces, its a great strategy imo.

Darkfiber3024d ago

Um, duh? There's no way that thing costs $150 to make.

rwarner1743024d ago

Confirmed PS3 fanboy. Um a stereo camera with an inferred sensor? Its not eaxctly like these are flying of the assembly line all over the world. You obvioulsy know nohting about economy of scale.

NYC_Gamer3024d ago

thats how business works

Pennywise3024d ago

Shame on them trying to make money.

IdleLeeSiuLung3024d ago

Yeah, it's not like Sony is trying to make money like MS!

Folezicle3024d ago

You guys don't understand that, bashing Microsoft on the net is praised by Sony because it makes them more money.. It's simple peer pressuring people to buy the console, or brainwashing them... It's simply a marketing campaign, and I bet you a lot of people "converted" to another console because of this internet phenomena called "console wars", both companies love this because it's free marketing, and a lot of the rumors bashing a console spread around the net, and people use false information as "evidence". I'm sorry but I'm sick of console wars, as when I want to talk about Playstation stuff in a PS Article, or talk about the 360 in a 360 article (yes i own both.) All it is, well "... Is stupid", "This has more exclusives", "But ... Is just like the ...", "Well it's been re-confirmed that ... doesn't work." Seriously when I go to a Fable 3 article i like discussing about Fable 3.. Some goes with Killzone 2.. Instead I have to face a lot of off topic discussions, with people arguing one is completely better than the other.. Both have flaws, If not i would just be playing one of the consoles... Sometime you Sony Fan-Boys forget that the last hardware update for 360 was 3 years ago, and it had no red ring of death (unless you were stupid enough to go out and deliberately do it, so you could use it as evidence that the PS3 is better.) This is just an example of some of the out-dated evidence you put forward, and same goes to 360 fan-boys and the updates.

If Sony wasn't milking money, than why would they get rid of backward compatibility, and create PSN Plus.. All thats just for the extra sales.. It's okay for companies to make money as Nyc_Gamer said "thats how business works." If Sony wasn't making any profit, it would be in major debt or be bankrupt..

I don't get why people believe Microsoft are milking money out of their hardcore fans.. They're bring Halo Reach (Which is a shit game IMO) which is it's most popular 1st party game, and it's simply bring Kinect a long, so it can survive for longer, in actual hardware sales. This is the same for Move

jhani3024d ago

no wonder why it was so damn expensive than!

jneul3024d ago

no that's kinect dear $140 is expensive for a camera....

OSU_Gamer3024d ago

wow at your fanboy bias

I don't like Kinect and I won't be getting it. In fact I will be buying Move, but to act like Kinect is just a camera is just ignorant.

jneul3024d ago

sorry for not including the words 3d and motion, duh.. anyway it's an eyetoy with 3d, spin that if you must

Folezicle3024d ago

You have forgotten Voice Recognition, The Ability to Scan things, and it can detect you whole body, regardless where your positioned (which the eyetoy didn't. If you had one you would know that you have to stand where the silhouette suggested.) Also the EyeToy couldn't make something like Milo.. That Demo showed that Kinect could pick up emotions from facial expressions and your voice, and this isn't just from the stupid trailer, this is what I have heard from Reporters who have experienced it... Imagine the type of horror games you could make with Kinect, yhe game would know when you weren't finding it scary allowing it to know when to release the millions of monsters charging at you.. The games that are kinect only look pretty poor, compared to the move only, but i'm looking forward to the Kinect games that use the controller and kinect, as then I might rethink about buying Move and get Kinect.

BeaArthur3024d ago

I guess that's why it costs so much. I still think they need to make a bundle that includes 2 motion controller since some games require a second one.

OSU_Gamer3024d ago

You are right.

If Sony wants to have success in the casual market with their version of WiiSports (Sports Champions), which requires two motion controllers, I think that bundle is a must.

SIR-DARK-HAZE3024d ago

sports champions requires one Ps move controller. Get your facts right, im also sure Sony said all games will require only one Move controller

BeaArthur3024d ago

Yet the archery game commercial and the fight game commercial clearly shows 2 Move controllers.

raztad3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

But the game can be played with a SINGLE controller. They show 2 to make it look cool.

I would prefer a bundle with camera+MOVE+Sub-Controller.

Spenok3024d ago

I agree, but move isn't being targeted "ONLY" at the casual. There were more hardcore games shown then casual if I'm not mistaken. So its not a MUST, but it is something that would definitely help them out.

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Ju3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Yeah, like the Wii Sports bundle. Oh, doesn't come with a controller. Even the Wii Sport Resort bundle comes with one only.

You can play every game with one, AFAIS, but some support two (Archery, for example).

fooltheman3024d ago

but achery can be played with one too

OSU_Gamer3024d ago

the sports resort bundle only needed one and also came with the secondary controller

ChozenWoan3024d ago

To make my day give me Sports Champions and two Moves for $99.

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