ExReview: radiangames Crossfire

Ex: "Crossfire takes the old-school formula of Space Invaders, tosses out the dull visuals, adds some kick-ass music (which is currently FREE to download) and a taste of Geometry Wars, creating one of the greatest shooters on the next-gen consoles to date. Actually, hands down, Crossfire is the best arcade shooter of 2010."

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CrAppleton3025d ago

Awesome shooter! One of the best I've played in a long time

Neco5123025d ago

Sounds really good, not bad for a couple bucks

DaRockSays3025d ago

Best arcade shooter of 2010? Now I have to take a look at it

killyourfm3025d ago

Is this as good as Shatter?

CrAppleton3025d ago

I would classify shatter under brick breaker, not shooter. That said, they're both really good

DaRockSays3025d ago

it's a brickbreaking game, amazing game though too

Queasy3025d ago

Only 240 MS Points? I may have to check this out.

Neco5123025d ago

Yeah, for the price, I'll definitely pick this up.

DaRockSays3025d ago

I think I have a spare 2or 300 just sitting there right now

Neco5123025d ago

No leaderboards? That's kinda lame, but other than that it looks awesome. I saw the free music too!

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