7.0 Review: Tiger Woods 2011 writes:-

The EA Sports label is responsible for some of the most recognised and critically acclaimed annualised franchises in the industry. Each year, their sports games are well received and find ways to improve over the previous instalment. However, with some notable exceptions, these improvements tend to be incremental to the point that anyone familiar with the series will be comfortable picking up the latest game. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; after all why fix what isn’t broken, but it does mean that anyone familiar with previous Tiger Woods games already knows what to expect with Tiger Woods Pro Tour ’11. That’s why Brutal Gamer is doing something different for this review. After going through the improvements it brings to the series, we’re going to look at Tiger Woods ’11 from the perspective of a newcomer. If you have never played a Tiger Woods game before but find yourself curious as to their appeal, then this is the review for you.

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