DeathSpank round table interview at Gaming Nexus

Hothead Games, the independent developer based in Canada, is well known for its development of the undeniably popular Penny Arcade episodic, digitally distributed video game series. However, when confronted with the idea of developing Ron Gilbert’s DeathSpank character introduced by his Grumpy Gamer comic series, the Penny Arcade duo gave the go ahead to Hothead to transition gears from their series to start work on the action RPG game.

We had an opportunity to delve more into the back story of both the development of DeathSpank, as well as the details behind the gameplay itself via a roundtable discussion with Executive Producer Vlad Ceraldi, Lead Designer Darren Evenson and RPG Designer Dennis Detwiller. We even got some interesting insight to their opinions on the industry itself (particularly the future of digital distribution), and their other game in development named Swarm. Read on to see what we learned.

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