Dear Sony, Please Bring These Games To PSN

NowGamer: With Joe Danger and Shatter already on PlayStation Network, Shank to be published by EA soon and Eufloria on the way, it’s clear that the Independent Games Festival held each year in San Francisco is the place to see the hottest downloadable games of the future. As such we thought we would reveal some of the amazing games that were present this year and assess our chances of seeing them on PSN...

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sinncross3021d ago

Most of those do sound like fun.

I think Sony should get a division running that deals strictly with PSN titles (developing/ publishing).

Also depending on graphic capability of these games, if Sony were to try get these for PSN they should consider the PSP audience as well.

The_Zeitgeist3021d ago

Sony needs to team up with Rockstar and bring us some classic top down view GTA with online multi-player.

Dylantalon13021d ago

i would love it if psn had crazy taxi 1,2, 3.

Wolfie3021d ago

bring back Poy Poy. It was fun :D

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The story is too old to be commented.