Final Fantasy XIV beta launching July 12 for Europe

The closed beta of Final Fantasy XIV on PC has been dated for Europe.

A spokesperson for Square Enix has confirmed it will be available to download from July 12. The publisher recently announced that the beta will go live in Japan for July 10.

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cobraagent3117d ago

how to get beta keys for this one?

The_Zeitgeist3117d ago

You had to sign up a long time ago.

blasian3117d ago

Ya only people who were in alpha get to be in beta right now. SE said they will hand out more keys at the end of this month though.

NegativeCreepWA3117d ago

Its bullshit they made you chose between the PS3 & PC betas. I was signed up for the PC, then I got the beta voucher with FFXIII and switched to the PS3 because I figured id have a better chance getting in. Now that the PS3 version was pushed back I want in the PC beta.