Mafia 2 Nordic Bonus Pack "Exclusive to Scandinavia"

Nordic Game Supply A / S is pleased to announce that in cooperation with Take2 Interactive, we can offer 'added value' to the Scandinavian fans once again by offering a "Mafia 2 Nordic Bonus Pack" for the price of regular retail version entire launch shipment. Read about whats included in this special nordic bonus pack.

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Chicken Chaser3022d ago

Man I'm looking forward to this title. I need my sandbox fix asap!


red dead didnt give you enough sandboxing? i can see youre looking forward to this though, this is gonna be either really really really good or just lame! im thinking really really really good!

I_find_it_funny3022d ago

I wonder whats this exclusive contnet for PS3

TheLeprachaun3022d ago

Mafia 2 won't be a sandbox game. There was an article about it recently from the developers stating it'd be more linear, comparing it to games like Uncharted 2 and Alan Wake.

xX TriiCKy Xx3022d ago

Eh, if you can drive around without arrows on the sides of the street, its a sandbox title to me.

vicheous3022d ago

Heia Skandinavia!!

Awsome news i'll get it...

MiloGarret3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Heja Skandinavien, men inte Norge... Ahhhh just kidding!


vikinger tar ikke lett på sånne vitser :D

RememberThe3573022d ago

Regions are getting exclusive DLC now? This is going too far!

Yo Take-two! I got ancestors from Norway can I get in on this too?

vicheous3022d ago

I live in No(r)way ;-)
1hour south of Oslo!


ill send you a version of the game! its the same thing with live though, america got way more stuff on xbox live then we do

xYLeinen3022d ago

And the idea with this is to?

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