GDC Europe Adds Kinect, BioWare, iPhone Talks As Early Deadline Approaches

2010 Game Developers Conference Europe organizers have announced a Rare-helmed lecture on Microsoft's Kinect, the BioWare co-founders on the Baldur's Gate franchise, plus an iPhone marketing lecture from Words With Friends' creator, with the early registration deadline looming.

Other talks in the packed line-up include significant lectures from Quantic Dream's David Cage, InstantAction's Lou Castle, and the creators of Crysis 2, APB and Split/Second, plus other lectures and keynotes from Sony, Playdom, and German gaming powerhouse Bigpoint (Battlestar Galactica MMO).

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Folezicle3023d ago

I love GDC.. This Line-up looks interesting, i wonder if Microsoft will make Kinect a bit more appealing for hardcore gamers this time around