RAGE gameplay vids show what all the fuss is about

VG247 writes: Everyone’s wanking on about it. “It’s fucking great,” they say. “Better than shagging your mom,” they laugh, showering their pizza with tobacco spit. But you’re not stupid. You’ve been burnt before. You don’t believe them. Can any videogame possibly be better than going balls-deep inside a friend’s middle-aged relation?

On the basis of the movies after the break, apparently so.

There are 4 videos, 3 of them are embedded here, The last one can seen in the full article.

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RememberThe3573025d ago

2011 is going to be so damn good.

outrageous3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Some huge titles with the best graphics yet, Rage is right up there with them all. The fact the game will be an open world game where you will not see many things twice is staggering...this demo is running on the 360. When are they gonna show some PS3 footage???

otherZinc3025d ago

Turn the excessive cursing off.

For those that want it, its cool, but for those that have families would like the option given in Gears of War 2.

Independent_Charles3025d ago

there no aim down sight which is disapointing. :(

Active Reload3024d ago

Did you watch any of the vids? You can aim down the sights.

mantisimo3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Yet, Another (all be it a good looking) FPS whoopy! *waves a very tiny flag*.

MRMagoo1233024d ago

i know seriously another shooter, is there anyone in the gaming industry with an imagination anymore?

Jaces3024d ago

Looks amazing but I'll let the critics decide whether it's more than just pretty graphics. I want to pay for an experience not a walk in the park with a freak here and a mutant over yonder.

Sure Borderlands and Fallout were about the same (in a sense) but I had drive to keep playing. It had that RPG element to it...but Rage...? Have to wait to find out. Looks damn amazing though.

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DA_SHREDDER3025d ago

Um okay? Yeah this game looks so much fun, all the things going on at once, yay Ive never seen anything like this before. That roll the dice game is the best mini game eva!

But seriously, im just being sarcastic.

RememberThe3573025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

You completely had me!

You can't tell me that those visuals are not impressive though. Sure they don't have a lot going on onscreen but that's probably because they are pushing out some incredible visuals (look at those environments, the detail is insane!). Not every game has to be "blow your ass out" intense. Not every game has to be Killzone :)

Ju3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Not much going on is pretty much true. I would rather say, there is nothing going on. All I can see is extreme high res texture. That is pretty impressive, I must say. But no bullet impact, not a lot particles. Water looks last gen; almost like a 2D effect (no interaction with environment, no procedural particles). I don't really see what the fuss is all about. It's Quake Wars in high res. Looks pretty for sure.

nickjkl3025d ago

yeah but if youre going to claim a game has best graphics on console then it better have all that stuff going on at the same time while maintaining visuals

DA_SHREDDER3025d ago

Seriously, im not impressed, This doesn't have anything on KZ2 let alone KZ3 in graphics. Also, i seen some gameplay, it just looks really boring, and honestly, Im not a fan of Killzone 2, im just being real about the whole thing.

However, I do see why people would be going nutz for this game. I would be too if I was a 360 fanboy, finally having something that looks better than Gears.

ukilnme3025d ago


Since you are a PS3 Fanboy it is expected that you try to downplay anything that is not a PS3 exclusive.

Shepherd 2143024d ago

Im not saying the visuals arent impressive, but its too similar to Fallout. I can only play a few post-apocalyptic themed games before im bored, and Fallout was one of the first which is why i like it more.

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Sony3603024d ago

And an immature, dismissive moron.

Wizziokid3025d ago

this game is going to be epic!

ElDorado3025d ago

this game is lucky if it would be Killzone 2 (yes 2)'s equal on graphics. Don't call me no fanboy i have both the xbox and the playstation and love Mass Effect, Gears of War, Alan Wake and Left 4 dead. People just have to realize that this game does look great, but the graphics aren't that good. Like someone above said it will look i think slightly better than borderlands which is great. Can't wait for this game though!

wazzim3025d ago

It's 60FPS that's why, wait for the new DOOM on 30FPS. Will blow your freaking mind.

kevnb3025d ago

20-25 fps, and is more a work of art style than technical prowess.

arakouftaian3024d ago

Killzone 2 runs at 30fps it never drop lower than that,
when is no acction on it the game runs up to 60fps.

So next time stfu and 7uck y0u

Sony3603024d ago

Rage already looks just plain better than Killzone 2 in my opinion.