Did NVIDIA cripple its CPU gaming physics library to spite Intel?

Ars Technica:

A new investigation by David Kanter at RealWorldTech adds to the pile of circumstantial evidence that NVIDIA has apparently crippled the performance of CPUs on its popular, cross-platform physics acceleration library, PhysX. If it's true that PhysX has been hobbled on x86 CPUs, then this move is part of a larger campaign to make the CPU—and Intel in specific—look weak and outdated. The PhysX story is important, because in contrast to the usual sniping over conference papers and marketing claims, the PhysX issue could affect real users.

We talked to NVIDIA today about Kanter's article, and gave the company a chance to air its side of the story. So we'll first take a look at the RWT piece, and then we'll look at NVIDIA's response.

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