Piracy’s Effects on the PC: Developer Fight Or Flight

Edward Zhao of Game Kudos writes an interesting piece on piracy and how it has had an impact on PC gaming, and what measures have been put in place to stop it:

"I’m certain that all of us know pirating is wrong. It’s basic human courtesy that when someone puts his heart, soul, sweat, and time into a project, you don’t steal it. But we humans have an extraordinary mind, one that can work out illogical reasoning to support the most wicked behavior. We will steal, cheat, and lie due to the allure of immediate gratification and we’ll even convince ourselves that we’re in the right."

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Mr Exclusive3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Solution to Piracy, put your game on Steam

Pandamobile3025d ago

That, and make your games worth buying.

Letros3025d ago

And don't toss some retarDRM on it like Ubisoft.

Vazz3024d ago

I hate when people say this. Steam = DRM and it does not prevent piracy. There is no drm that works against pirates period.

BlackBusterCritic3025d ago

if you're really into making some money. And not just Steam, there are plenty of other websites dedicated to providing games for PC gamers. Just dont fuck up and have it exclusive to Games for Windows Live, like Lionhead is doing for Fable 3.

That there are definitely some games that I wish I pirated, instead of buying the pieces of shit. Like Necrovision. Its pretty stupid that in an FPS, all your weapons are useless (unless you're fighting a boss), because you have this legendary spartan kick that makes all the enemies CRUMBLE.

Rimbaudesque3024d ago

This article is spot on the problem is too many game companies expect to release an uncompelling game then moan when people don't want to pay for their sub standard product. Why should I spend $40 on a single player game that'll last me 14 hours when I can buy a multiplayer game that'll be replayable for the next few months for the same cost. Case in point I bought Battlefield 2 years ago but I still play it regularly due to the large amounts of mods available that keep it fun. Likewise games with a good multi-player like the COD series, are going to get more sales as people need a legal copy to play online. The point is just releasing a single player game isnt going to cut it anymore developers need to add a hook to their games that make it worthwhile for people to buy them, this is done in two ways, make the game highly moddable to keep the game fresh and replayable or give the game a very good multi-player experience that forces people to buy a legal copy in order to play. Otherwise people will just download the game and play it through in a matter of days and discard it as it has little value.