Best Buy Giving Away Metal of Honor Beta Codes

If you’re looking to get a jump on everyone else with Medal of Honor, you may be in luck! Best Buy is giving away a bunch of beta codes for the title – if you act fast. You just have to enter your e-mail address on their site and they’ll send you a code within the hour. First come, first serve. Hurry up! Click HERE!

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Hitman07693024d ago

Yes, totally awesome. Now everyone can get in on the greatness I've been experiencing.

Serjikal_Strike3024d ago

the words (greatness) and (metal of honor) dont belong in the same sentence!

Hitman07693024d ago

Please... you can't even spell it...

csreynolds3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

How much is EA paying you to say that? Lol.

And before you assume I'm some Modern Warfare 2 fanboy I own (and love) Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which was developed by EA and DICE as Medal of Honor is being. B:BC2 is far superior to MoH, and this beta is probably the worst I've played - even after the patch DICE released a few weeks back.

If you desire a better explanation from me as to why I dislike the game as it stands, read this:

r1sh123023d ago

I wasnt the biggest fan of bad company 2, but I played it and it was much better than MOH.
Why would you pay for a new game, when you can get the exact same gameplay in a game that came out under 1 year before MOH?
I really like call of duty games, but MW2 was the biggest fail of all, but still more people play it on the xbox and ps3 than any other game.
Theres a reason for it.

kalebgray923023d ago

the game doesnt suck they just gotta increase the explotion damage... there is no way i can be 3 feet from an exploding grenade and not feel anything... same goes for rpgs and etc.... that is the only flaw..

csreynolds3023d ago

If you say so... you're entitled to your opinion :)

kalebgray923021d ago

im not saying its the game of the year .... it just doesnt suck

Games4M - Rob3023d ago

Everyone on my friends list who has played this beta says that it sucks ass big time.

I think i'll stick with BFBC2 which is the sex

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Ninferno3024d ago

i already got mine! but i dont even have a ps3 or gaming pc

Hitman07693024d ago

It's coming :soon" for Xbox 360 you might want to just hold on to that code ! :)

Forbidden_Darkness3024d ago

Didn't Best Buy do this with a few other games too?

chak_3023d ago

i'll repeat once more "it's crap, don't bother"

Forbidden_Darkness3023d ago

Im actually enjoying it, despite the lag when you get killed, it's pretty cool.

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The story is too old to be commented.