Square Enix chief foretells fall of retail video games

Yoichi Wada is living a fantasy life. He’s the chief executive of Japanese game publisher Square Enix, and his company has sold more than 96 million units of its Final Fantasy games worldwide since 1987. Back in March, the company started selling Final Fantasy XIII. This title has a lot more action in it and loads of movie-like animations in between the fighting sequences. But it remains true to its role-playing roots as well. Now the company is close to publishing its online game Final Fantasy XIV. We previously spoke with Wada in March and caught up again with him this month at the E3 video game trade show. Here’s a transcript of the interview.

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ClownBelt3028d ago

N4G troll foretells Wada being completely crazy, and Square Enix sucking this generation.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO3028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

FF Versus XIII will change the expectations from Square Enix.

Wada is not even working in that project, and it will be the true Next Gen FF, why? Because Nomura is the Chief.

Godmars2903028d ago

Really don't get why so many people this console gen accept the word of devs and publishers, wholly swallow whatever hype is thrown their way, when it hasn't been proven. Especially from Square much less directly out of Wada's mouth.

MadMan003028d ago

But if it did suck and never came to 360...what would the fanboys blame then?

evrfighter3028d ago


simple. M$ wrote them a check to make it bad.


rockleex3027d ago

Then Square Enix has clearly fallen.

nickjkl3027d ago (Edited 3027d ago )

stop making games so dam expensive then i cant afford 60 dollars a game thats atrocious people got bills to pay we cant just go around buying every game regardless of quality i used to do that when my mom was buying them but now that im doing it

its like HOLY SHIT NOOOOOOOOOOOO my wallet

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Imperator3028d ago

SE has made every possible mistake they could make this gen. It's like the WANT to fail. I mean, who in their right minds would make 360 exclusive JRPGs when only shooters sell. Who would make FFXIII both multiplat (thus gimping it) and westernized? I don't know what they're thinking but I can only guess that Wada really wants SE to fail.

Omegasyde3028d ago

Are you kidding me Final Fantasy 13 was awesome! Especially the part with Morgana and Alistair always making fun of each other. The dragon at the end of the game was epic too. Can't wait till ....O my bad wrong game.

Yea Final Fantasy 13 blew.

guzman3028d ago

Lol! Good one Omegasyde! I especially liked the part where FFXIII uterlly crushed Dragon Age in sales. Pure retail comedy gold right there!

RememberThe3573028d ago

Sales don't equal quality my friend.

Spenok3027d ago

Your right, they don't equal quality. But everyone has there own opinion. Dragon Age was awesome. However i enjoyed FF13 more only because its more to my tastes. JRPG's are what i enjoy most when it comes to the RPG genre.

squallheart3028d ago

read the article he didnt mention anything about retail failing, more like they wanted to expand digital content since pricing is alot easier. oh well still dont trust them.

pixelsword3028d ago

Their own games, perhaps, but as long as you can trade-in a game for enough money to eat in college, retail games aren't going anywhere.

Dio10803028d ago

I used to love square, but these past years, those bastards just piss me off...

Lucreto3028d ago

I am the same I used to be a SE fanboy but this generation support from them has been poor at best.

I am still a sucker for the games. I tried not to buy FF XIII and Nier but I gave in. The saddest part is I enjoyed them.

Gue13028d ago (Edited 3028d ago )

don't feel bad, even the shittiest bands have their fans. I learned that from you tube. Just type whatever shitty game you can think off (Lair or Haze for example) and you're going see a legion of people defending the game or saying how much they enjoyed it.

Yes, people with really bad taste do really exist.

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