PSN Go brings the Playstation Network to your iPhone next week

It looks like a new iPhone app called PSN Go will be another unofficial PSN iPhone app set to be released next week.

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Redrum0593116d ago

what about the ipod touch. i dont have an iphobe but i want this app.

Shang-Long3116d ago

pretty sure its for both

ReservoirDog3163116d ago

Kinda off topic but I was thinking of getting an ipod touch but my friend has an iphone. Just wondering, certain games let you play online with other people with an iphone. Would it work from an iphone to ipod touch?

Sorry if this doesn't make sense or is really obvious. I'm just wondering.

On topic though, this seems cool. For future reference.

ThanatosDMC3116d ago

I have this on my touch. It lets you look who's online on PSN but you cant message them.

Spenok3115d ago

This seems like it will definitely be worth a look.

DarkTower8053116d ago

is there going to be an app that would allow me to message friends that are logged in. I would pay for that, but I'm not enough of a trophy-whore that I need to constantly check my trophies.

itsralf3116d ago

These trophy apps are so pointless. How many times do you go to somewhere and suddenly want to know how many trophies you have? How about something useful? Like sending messages, updating your comment or some type of PS Store integration to see what's new on Tuesdays? This is just a clone of the other useless PSN Apps. I wish Sony would release something already.

3116d ago
Myst3116d ago

And Android people get..?

BaSeBaLlKiD7213116d ago

download the PS3 Trophies app. It shows you your trophies, friends' trophies and it even shows your full friends list with what games your friends are playing. It's pretty neat if you ask me.

Myst3116d ago

Ah thank you for that hint.

goflyakite3116d ago

I actually love these apps, I use the one "myPSN".

I don't care about the trophy aspect, I just use it to see if anyone's on without having to go to my PS3 and turn it on.

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The story is too old to be commented.