Square Enix May Follow Trend and Go Digital

PSLS writes: "Piracy and used game sales have been recognized as a growing problem for game developers over the past few years. EA and Ubisoft have both adopted methods such as “Project Ten Dollar” to combat used game sales going into the future. With that said, EA’s firm move against second-hand sales might be influencing more than just Ubisoft..."

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Trexman893024d ago

Man, Devs really do hate the used game market. I love it because I can sell off all the crappy games I buy. I can't sell a digital game....yet.

AK463024d ago

We bought the game and we should do what ever we want with it. Leave digital downloads for those Indie games.

PS3istheshit3024d ago

Digital is NOT something anybody wants
I would rather feel the silky smooth case on the skytrain back home (problems?) rather than just enter a code from the ps store
Call me crazy but its more of a rush knowing the case could get run over or stolen after you buy it
Then when your finally home... aaaaw yeaaaaah

JonnyBigBoss3024d ago

LOL @ nikkisixx2. That was pretty funny.

evrfighter3024d ago

once they see how much steams 4th of July Peril's of summer made them. There will be no "may"

CrippleH3024d ago

I already gave up on SE. FFXIII was a polished turd.

Dragun6193024d ago

F**k Yoichi Wada, "Foresees the fall for Retail games"?

What the hell is up with that. Since Square joined with Enix and placed Wada as President, their quality and reputation has gone down hill since.
Trying to expand their audience by globalization? You already had an audience, you just kept screwing it up with this idea of westernizing your games to appeal supposedly to a broader audience. That's totally why your Past Jrpg games like Chrono trigger, FF7,8,9 10, Dragon Quest 8, etc were so successful. /s

Plus who the hell wants to download Final Fantasy XIII? Will the Uncompressed version be like 30-50gb since it uses a dual layered blu ray?

SOAD3024d ago

Why do you buy crappy games?

Not being able to sell your games back is one of the few arguments against digital distribution, but I think a fair compromise would be that games obtained via digital distribution will cost significantly less than physical retail games. And they do. Many DD games cost only 50 bucks, and on STEAM there are frequently deals on bundled games that cost maybe 35 bucks. I think that sort of evens it out.

Trexman893024d ago

somebody just needs to come up with a way to sell Digital Games....It's 2010, we should have that technology by now

coolfool3024d ago

Exactly, and there in lies something I don't think they have considered. If we aren't able to sell on our crappy game purchases will we be bold enough to buy the game in the first place or will we just hold onto our money for games that we know we will like?

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topgun333024d ago

Gives PsP go owners hope for digital copies of Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core and Kingdom Hearts Birth By sleep

Marceles3024d ago

bubble, exactly what came to my mind when I read the topic. Release those 2 games and the Squaresoft classics and it'll pay off big

godslayer4293024d ago

well as of now sony is the only company selling full games online so wada will have to stop whining and make his games ps3 exclusive if he wants digital downloads.

Omegasyde3024d ago

No there are full games on Xbox live as well.

If anything digital media actually puts game two steps back.

Why make a huge 20-30gb game which would take forever to download when you can make a 700mb game instead.

Granted there are some gems which are less than 1 gig in size (warhawk!) but still I want my games to step up a notch with better graphics and more levels. Can't do that if they decide to limit a game to only a few gigs.

godslayer4293024d ago

i meant full ps3 games. infamous...warhawk...socom.

you aint gona find games like that on live just xbox 1 titles.

Cheeseknight283024d ago

You must not have been on Live in a while. There's probably about 60 Xbox360 games in the download section where Xbox originals used to be.

jack_burt0n3024d ago

SE = Activisions japan office.

Raypture3024d ago

I want digital games you can sell, you bought it you can do what you want with it

I am happy though, to see people admitting it's a buisiness model issue and not OH LORD THE SKY IS FALLING $55 FOR FF13 AND IT JUST CAME OUT A FEW MONTHS AGO?

only idiots buy used games at those prices, as you can get a new one for $5 more with no not working risk.

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