GFB: Arcade Darts PSP Mini Review

GFB: "Arcade Darts is a PSP/PS3 Mini virtual darts game. The problem with this is darts is the one sport where translating it to a system and not involving motion controls just feels not quite genuine. While a professional game of darts may have strategy involved, it goes to waste when you take away the factor of a person's throw (human factor). Arcade Darts can't solve this problem at all; the game is only able to beat you with great shots and it has no way to prevent you from scoring on the mark every single time."

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charlescox43025d ago

Avoid this game at all costs. Wasted 4 bucks on this garbage.

jonlynch3025d ago

The god thing is that it's only a few Euros. It sucks that it was a pile of sh**, but we've all wasted a lot more on more expensive games that are horrible.

PoSTedUP3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

lol aw man i was expecting something huge out of this game, after all, it IS a darts game, and after all, it IS a mini game, and after all, it IS a whopping 3 bucks... what a disappointed /s, flop of the year yall, avoid at all costs.

lol sori i couldnt resist, take no offence. i am just an Ahole sometimes. if you like darts (a lot) then invest in a dart board. throwing a dart at a board is like the easiest thing to do. playing it on a game is worse then watching poker on TV!!

GunShotEddy3025d ago

most of Icon Games suck. They're pretty cheap.

vgn243025d ago

horrible? It's a freaking mini game. They're not supposed to be huge budgeted blockbusters. PSP Minis are small games and super cheap. Get over your 3 or 4 bucks.

kennykramer3025d ago

money is money. No one likes to waste it.

vgchica3025d ago

It's like a whole game of free throw from NBA 2K. You just stop the swinging arrows on two axis.

BattersUp3025d ago

I didn't hear a lot of bad things about it. Actually I had not heard of he game. Guess I know why.

jphelps803025d ago

Darts are pretty popular in Europe. I think Americans think of it as a bar-only.

kennykramer3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Even if a sport is popular, it has to be good in video game form for the "video game" to work. In this case, the game isn't good. I think that's the point.

CountDracula3025d ago


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