Can First Person Shooters Truly Evolve As A Genre?

In this day and age, shooters are commonplace. So much so that generally when a new FPS is released people say, “Oh, it’s just another FPS” and roll their eyes. With games like Call of Duty coming out almost every year, and more often than not being very similar to the previous game both graphically and in gameplay mechanics, it begs the question; Can first person shooters truly evolve as a genre?

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dizzleK3021d ago

yes, but it involves some heavy lifting in terms of storytelling and creativity, not just slapping in an m-16 and a rat in a maze mode. also not every first person game needs to be a shooter, see elder scrolls, mirrors edge and portal.

lociefer3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

as long as we keep shooting aliens were not evolving, call me crazy but mirrors edge was my fps goty and it certainly was a move forward to the fps genre

Army_of_Darkness3021d ago

Killzone 3 seems like it's getting there:)

PoSTedUP3021d ago

no, mirros edge> we need to see better implemented combat systems other then the... *rifle butts*.

we need more games like mirrors edge. progression seems to have come to a halt. a game called body count is in development, i think... codemasters? idk, sequel to BLACK though, and it looks to better the destructibility and realism in the bullet damage, but we need more then just that. its not the little things that count when it comes to progressing into the FPS genre. the little things play a part, but more is needed.

MWF2 i think is the farthest we will go when it comes to the SAME-- FREAKING--GAMEPLAY over and over and over, my GOD. it really has to stop, that is the thing that is hurting the progression of fPS imo. everyone is pumping out MWF clones and it is just unacceptable.

PirateThom3021d ago

While I enjoyed Killzone 2 and think Killzone 3 looks even better, I doubt it's going to evolve anything.

Solid presentation, gameplay, graphics and, hopefully, story, but it's hardly going to change the world, it's still just an FPS.

kneon3021d ago

I loved Mirror's Edge but I would never classify it as an FPS. The shooting is a very minor part of the game and one that you can avoid completely if you want to.

I think it may be the first FPP, First Person Platformer.

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PrimordialSoupBase3021d ago

It's simply a matter of returning to the form Deus Ex perfected a decade ago - a game design that has yet to be surpassed and needs to be explored further.

Kalowest3021d ago

Yea back in 2001 with Halo:CE, but that's 9yrs ago and the FPS Genre hasn't had its next big change again.

seij5553021d ago

Halo didn't do anything new but be an actual good fps for consoles.

Focker-4203021d ago

Because CoD4 wasn't a big change.

:rolls eyes:

HSx93021d ago

COD4 Wasn't new either, they copied lots of things from the original Battlefield 2 (PC)

Official General3021d ago

The FPS genre was not revoloutionized by Halo 1, thats not the way I remembered it. I'm not taking anything away from Halo, I most surely do believe it contributed a lot to the evolution of the FPS genre. But it sure did not revolutionarize it - that honour goes to Goldeneye on the N64. No FPS had a greater impact on the genre than that game between now and back in the late 1990s. Goldeneye was the game that made every console gamer sit up and pay more attention to FPS once again, after the huge popularity of FPS games like and Doom and Quake began to wane after a while. Console gamers just kept talking about Goldeneye anytime the subject of a new FPS came. Goldeneye was the game that really made FPS games important on consoles and it changed the view that the best FPS games were played best on PCs.

kneon3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I think MAG may be the first glimpse of the next big change. Sure we can add more guns, better graphics and environments but that doesn't fundamentally change anything. MAG is a different FPS experience, because of the immense scale it's unlike other FPS games.

Now take MAG and scale it up by a couple of orders of magnitude. Imagine thousands, or even 10's of thousands of players fighting an ongoing worldwide war that never really ends. You don't "start a game", you would just join into the always running game. It's an MMOFPS. Now that would be different. It's an MMO, RTS and FPS all rolled into one.

And with such massive scale why not add in planes, helicopters, tanks, APCs, submarines, ships etc. Now we've got ourselves a real war simulator.

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The BS Police3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Halo 1 is the most important FPS game of the past decade, it set alot of standards that all FPS games have followed since it's release 9 years ago. It transcended gaming and along with the Grand Theft Auto franchise helped push gaming into the mainstream media's eyes.

Without Halo the FPS genre would still be primarily a PC genre.

RememberThe3573021d ago

I see Halo and COD as being the single biggest influences in the FPS genre.

I played GoldenEye on the N64, but I would go over to my friends house and play Counter-Strike pretty often. I was until I got my hands on Halo and pretty much since that point I've been a console junky.

PirateThom3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Halo is also the reason there's so many cookie cutter games and the majority of FPS games are the same thing, it's a bittersweet victory, it perfected FPS console controls, and opened the floodgates for a varity of knock offs.

I still say Half-Life 2 is the most important FPS of the decade just because the gameplay and presentation in that game are outstanding.

Kalowest3021d ago

You can say this for any Genre, its just the fact that their are too many [email protected] FPS.

kneon3021d ago

the problem isn't so much that there are too many, it's that there are too many that are pretty much all the same.

arakouftaian3021d ago

KILLZONE 2 did many great new amazing things.

it looks like RAGE will de great new things and KILLZONE 3 already show us few new great things.

Pandamobile3021d ago

What exactly did Killzone 2 do for FPS gaming?

seij5553021d ago

Higher level of immersion and a different multiplayer experience.

SOAD3021d ago

Higher level of immersion? Better graphics is not an innovation. As for the multiplayer, it's the same as all other multiplayer modes except GG strings them together in a sequence. PC shooters have done this.

Nothing new.

And I like Killzone 2 a lot, I just don't bullshit for the sake of holding it higher than another game.

evrfighter3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Lolwut? Laggy controls and a generic multiplayer? Lol it's was pretty much conquest from battlefield for 5 minutes VIP from anything way back when for 5 minutes and search and destroy from cs for 5 minutes.

No wonder fps sells well on console. They don't even know what immersive is. Lol

Miraak82 3021d ago

first person cover system,,, realistic weight,,, switching game modes in mutliplayer,,, fully function tournament system

IrishAssa3021d ago

None of those things are new. Killzone is not innovotive. I can't believe Fanboyism is getting into this, Killzone is nothing new, just old stuff perfected or done in a decent way, look at Uncharted , no innovation, just a really good TPS. Graphics is not innovation. Those things you mention whave been done on Pc before Xbox 1 came out, every game since Halo 1 has been copying Halo 1 and adding a few new things, every console fps game atleast

Dead_Cell3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Movement accompanied by screen movement
An actual attachment to a body
First Person Cover System
Frighteningly tactical AI
An actual attempt to break away from the cliche good-guy storylines

All the things listed above haven't been done as well as they have in Killzone.

Innovation isn't all it's cracked up to be, if we tried to reinvent the wheel we would end up with a million and one shitty variations of it. When I buy a first person shooter I'm not looking for this miraculous refreshing breathe of fresh air with every new installment, I buy shooters to shoot stuff and I choose a title for the tone and appeal of the said game.
We don't need innovation every single game that comes out, just that every one of them is different and offers something that the others do not.

Killzone took a completely different route to the dozens of floaty one-man massacre Shooters that were out and are still being churned out to this day on a very regular basis. They could have quite easily followed the CoD crowd that is swallowing up the genre but instead they decided to put their own name on there own brand of wheel.

They don't have to be 100% new and innovative to create something amazing, the proved it with Killzone.

IrishAssa3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

That's the argument here though, no pne is saying Killzone is bad.

pixelsword3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

@ IrishAssassin52:

Which fps had a fps cover system before Killzone 2?

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The BS Police3021d ago

Call of Duty didn't do anything notable from a gameplay standpoint... not even perks was revolutionary.

IrishAssa3021d ago

That's right, it was just a good game back in the day.

IrishAssa3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

2 disagrees? So COD4 wasn't good?

@ Pixlesword.

Alright there is that. Innovation right there. Not

EDIT2 - Even- thinking about it now, it's just like a regular game were you can lean, except your stuck to the wall/

hoops3021d ago

KZ is an amazing game but lets be honest here folks. It added nothing to the FPS genre. Graphics are not game changing as the PC has done this YEARS before the console.

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Hellsvacancy3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Not if theyve got COD in the title they wond

Borderlands, Fallout and Rage are the way to go, although there not technically FPS there good enough 4-me, FAR more enjoyable

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