NowGamer: Monkey Island 2 Special Edition: Le Chuck's Revenge Review

NowGamer: With the template firmly laid down in last year’s LucasArts re-release of the original Secret of Monkey Island, the odd tweak and refinement has led to an even more quality conversion of the 1991 adventure classic.

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Bigpappy3027d ago

I will giove the trial a try

absolutecarnage3027d ago

I love these games, will be getting this, i love the humor and it reminds me of the days of kings questand space quest. Anybody remember when you had to type in your commands (LOL) I always hated it when you couldn't figure out the right wording

romancer3026d ago

I downloaded the 360 version at the first opportunity.

I don't know whether it is my wireless controller, or the gameplay, but i fairly often found imprecise movement -- especially when moving from one room to another, or one environment to another. It became quite annoying.

This may not be the best place to discuss the following problem (but i have not found any walkthrough or forum that can help me): I am currently near the end of the game, trying to capture some of LeChuck's beard in the elevator door: I have tried now about 20 times and i cannot find the precisely right action at the precisely right moment: I use PULL on the lever -- when LdChuck reaches the elevator door... but the doors do not close and he ZAPS my voodoo doll again.

Any fan of this game care to help out with advice -- or indicate where such advice can be found.