The Agency: New Dev Gameplay

Some more gameplay of the upcoming game: The Agency


More gameplay can be found here

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gtsentry3025d ago

cant wait for this game

blumatt3025d ago

Can't wait for Agent (the game Rockstar is making for PS3 too). This game looks good too, but I can't personally justify paying monthly for playing a game. MMO's don't fit my gaming needs. I can't devote that much time to playing games.

DarkTower8053025d ago

Yeah, I think the guy meant Agent. I was confused at first too. Tbh, this game (Agency) doesn't look like anything special.

Conloles3025d ago

Looks kinda boring but I'll reserve judgment when I play it on PC

blumatt3025d ago

So, just curious, if this was on 360 and PC only, would it look kinda boring??

beardpapa3024d ago

geez what HAPPENED to this game? remember the first teaser trailers for Agency? It was comical! Sorta like the charm TF2 has. Now it just appears like a generic fps.

NarooN3024d ago

Yeah I know what you mean. They seemed to have ditched that cool cartoon-style comical-factor. It might still be in, but it doesn't look like it. A shame.

The Lazy One3024d ago

whoever was on the opposite team of this guy sucked balls.

Raoh3025d ago

great interview..

no nonsense..

gameplay, interview, questions, answers, some slip ups LOL

most importantly, informmation

thank you for those nice few minutes where no one is bashing anyone and i actually learned some things about the game im interested in.

whothedog3025d ago

Nice, I wasn't really interested in this game till now. Nice interview.

masterofpwnage3025d ago

somewhere in the end you can here him talk about sony devs, working together and how the agency went to naughty dog for help.

this game looks so epic, ive been wanting it since it was first announe.

this is a underrated game imo.

spunnups3025d ago

Naughty Dog deserves a Nobel Prize for all the help they've given to various developers

RememberThe3573025d ago

They probably have a lot of tech issues go through them seeing as how they're one of the Sony's central tech teams.

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The story is too old to be commented.