PlayStation Tester “Doc” Comes Down with Life-Threatening Illness

Nerd Reactor:
Samuel Castañón the 3rd, who many will remember as Doc, a contestant on Sony Playstation's reality show The Tester. A show where people compete for the chance of a live time; to work for Sony as a video game tester. Doc was one of the more memorable contestants because he was label by the show as the bad guy. When I met Sam at this years E3, the person I got to talk to, was far different from the person I saw on TV. As usual, Hollywood twist the truth to attract viewers.

Recently I received word that Sam has come down with very serious illness. Due to a genetic abnormality in his heart he will have to have open heart surgery to correct the fatal illness. Only .5% of population are born with this genetic defect, and it couldn't happen to a cooler person. When Doc is not gaming, he spends most of his time saving people as a Paramedic and a Firefighter. So those should be two big browning points with the man upstairs.

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Jamegohanssj53023d ago ShowReplies(5)
mushroomwig3023d ago

Sad but hardly news worthy relevant for gamers.

Sunny_D3023d ago

At this point, it doesn't matter. N4g has been in the shitter for a while no matter what you say. If cosplay articles can make it, then this should too.

UnSelf3023d ago

lol a guy with Gohan in his name is laughin at someone else

smh now THATS comedy

Bigpappy3023d ago

Slow weight loss by eating healthy and light exercise until his hart gets stronger. If he is really bad, then he might need to go under the knife first. Best wishes to this young man.

Christopher3023d ago

Gotta disagree.

He's a gamer that went on a reality TV show for gamers... he is a part of gaming culture.

ikkokucrisis3023d ago

I loved The Tester on PSN, Doc's plight is definitely news to me so I'm glad this article got posted (or I never would've known).

It's much more important to me than reading about what Pachter has to say...

PoSTedUP3023d ago

i agree with you 100% from the heart.

ViciousBoston3022d ago

Seriously bite your tongue. He is a great guy. One of the very few who have a big heart in this world. He is a paramedic and a firefighter and if that doesn't speak to his charecter I don't know what will. He wasn't the "bad guy" on the Tester, he just kept his friends together. The alliance did nothing. He was protecting his friends and that was admirable in itself. At any point he could have been just all about himself but it wasn't.

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JoMama3023d ago

I think he at the very least deserves some acknowledgment. Come on, the guy saved lives!

How many people have you saved that weren't pixelated?

LeonSKennedy4Life3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Guys...Doc is a regular N4G user.

He and Cyrus both are.

Grow up. The man is sick.

You have my prayers, Doc. Is there a fund or anything? I think fellow gamers would be happy to send money.

Edit: Lol. That's ok. I'm a Christian...not a "Christian", like the ones you see on TV, yelling at people.

We should all work together, as humans, to help each other. Doc needs our support. Has anyone started a fund? I'd be glad to give. After all, faith without action is meaningless.

Edit 2: Don't disagree with SilverSlug. This is not a religious debate, people. It's fellow gamers caring. Grow up.

SilverSlug3023d ago

or any of that stuff. But I hope he does get better.

PoSTedUP3023d ago

i was just thinking about a fund. im not in any fiancial situation to give money, but i have plenty of games that are worth something that i would be happy to donate/exchange for $$. let me know if you hear anything. i mean i have to know it is legit because you cant trust people nowadays but let me know with a PM or something, keep in touch ok. my love goes out to the gaming community.

HolyOrangeCows3023d ago

"Doc is a regular N4G user"
...really? What's his username?

Redempteur3023d ago

do you want to know ?
because he talked several times as "doc" in N4G already ..

Meowhammad3023d ago

This is what he gets for making 'Beerios'. ha ha...

UnSelf3023d ago

im super sympathetic to Docs situation and i believe laughter cures all

but that was fkin hilarious man

ViciousBoston3022d ago

Thats rediculous man. Have some respect. Doc, we hope you get better boss.

inveni03022d ago

I know this isn't a religious debate, but you seriously need to actually think about that phrase. Tossing money someone's way isn't an act of putting faith into action (unless you have faith that his medical bills will be paid for). Putting faith into action would be placing hands on the man and cursing the genetic defect right out of his body. After all, it's THAT kind of faith that makes someone like Christ.

I guess what I'm saying is that, if you want to help someone, fantastic. Just don't toss your proclamations along with your good deeds.

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JonnyBigBoss3023d ago

Why is this an article? Yes, Doc is having some heart problems but this shouldn't be on N4G. Gosh people...

freezola753023d ago

It's N4G My friend Doc is a GAMER! If he is suffering from a life threatening condition, I think that can be considered news.. for gamers hence N4G.

Hey Doc get well man we all hope for a speedy recovery dawg. You're a good doode man. Gonna have to try some BeeriO's now...

JonnyBigBoss3023d ago

I'm a good friend of Sam (Doc) and talk to him on a daily basis. I can't believe I got so many disagrees for thinking that his health problems shouldn't be on N4G. You guys are are ridiculous bunch sometimes.

freezola753023d ago

It's because you are insulting these ppl mayne. Why shouldn't gamers find out about this man thru a medium such as N4G? Where else would this information be my friend? CNN? FOX? Really, I think this is appropriate for us as GAMERS because mainstream media isn't aware of him like that.

Sam (Doc), I think I speak for majority of all of the gamers on N4G and those gamers around the world that are familiar with you when I say we all have you in our thoughts and meditations. We wish you a speedy recovery my doode!

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